WordPress Vs Blogger Strategies For Beginners

If you are going to create a blog, which is better WordPress VS Blogger? Blogging with Blogger or Blogging with WordPress? Comparing between WordPress and Blogger that what types of blogs that make money?

Wordpress vs blogger

WordPress VS Blogger in 2018 – Predictions

These two platforms are the most trusted and useful platforms for all bloggers. The platforms are using millions of people today. Nowadays every new blogger who is just starting a blog. If you are also trying to get good traffic on the blog and earning first, then you have to understand that Blogger and WordPress which is the best to create your blog?

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What Types of Blogs That Make Money?

WordPress and Blogger both are the most trustful platforms for online earning, which are using by millions of people today? Now everybody who is a New Bloggers who has just started Blogging has always tried to get good traffic on his blog and earn his Earning first, then you have to understand that Blogger Ya WordPress is the best Hai to which you will find your blog Should create.

1. Its Interface and Useable

Blogger : If you are a beginner in this field, it is best for you because the interface of the blogger is the easiest. If you want to learn without investment, it is also free to use it.

  1. If you want to use premium, it is simple to buy a domain and configure on the widget. You can create a responsive blog on the blogger.
  2. Blogger offers you free hosting which does not require you to purchase hosting for your domain.
  3. You can also download any responsive template and upload to your blog. You do not pay it.
  4. Blogger provides better facilities for you on Page SEO and Off Page SEO which is easy to rank your blog on the search engine.

Wordpress vs blogger

The WordPress is a bit complicated to use for a beginner. But it is also easy to learn. There are many tutorials on youtube.

There are many free WordPress themes on the internet which is free for download. In this platform, you can create a professional website.

Wordpress vs blogger

2. Comparing its Facilities

Blogger is a product of Google which is created by Google. Google always do something new, but if you talk about Blogger, then you get a little less to see here. It means there are many facilities on blogger.

WordPress : You always get the chance to see something new, but almost all plugins on WordPress which are paid, which you have to pay for using. Along with this, everything on WordPress is latest, so you can create a better blog.

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3. Search Ranking Capacity

Blogger: To do SEO on Blogger is a bit difficult. We have already said that you need to have depth knowledge about SEO. If you do not know about SEO, you can not get any page rank on search engines.

But your blog will be easily page rank because it is a product of Google. So Google gives it a higher priority than other websites.

Most Event Bloggers are working on Blogger. They are also getting page rank and they are also earning more money than those blogs.

WordPress: Blog is the best place to rank on search engine. You can easily rank it by creating a blog on any topic and earning your online earnings from that blog.

4. Traffic Handling Conditions

Blogger : You do not need to worry about traffic handling when you create a blog on Blogger-blog because no matter how much traffic comes to your blog. Your blog will not hang on nor will there be any difference in its loading speed.

WordPress : WordPress is the most popular platform which is used by many professional bloggers. But Handle more traffic is not just about cheap hosting.
Therefore, you need to buy a hosting server for unlimited traffics to your blog which will allow your blog to Handle more Traffic.

5. SEO for Blogger and WordPress

Blogger : SEO is the most important for a blogger. You have to do SEO well on a blog. But for that, you should have the depth knowledge of On-Page SEO because, for Blogger, you can use any plugin or widget of any kind. If you do not get to know how much more work you have to do with SEO’s prospects at your article/post by checking your On-Page SEO Status.

WordPress : there are different plugins available for SEO on WordPress, which is explaining to you. Why do you need to do well SEO on your web page? Better SEO and better ranking on search engines. It is the formula who is going to create a blog and want to do SEO.

In Conclusion, WordPress VS Blogger which is better?

We suggest you that you can use both WordPress and Blogger platforms if you have to know it. If you are using it, only you can say which is better WordPress VS Blogger? Where you can create a blog with traffic increase, you can easily make your online earnings.

We expect that after reading this article, you may have understood that “WordPress VS Blogger which is better?

Finally, I hope, you will understand WordPress VS Blogger which is better? If you have any questions related to this topic, then you can ask us in the Comment Box.

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