What is Keyword Research? The Beginners Guide to SEO

What is Keyword Research? If you need to to get traffic to your website, first you have to know what they are looking for, and which words they are using for the content? You need to find what type of content they need to read on your website? It is free keyword research tips. You can find out the best keywords using SEO keyword research tool, like ahrefs keyword research, google keyword planner tool, etc.

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What is Keyword Research For a Website?

Keyword Research is the most important and very useful for the search marketing job. We leave work because of the problems in blogging. It’s a miracle for your website’s ranking. If you do it right, then your website can reach the level. If you do not use it correctly, it can also go down too. Read our SEO Content Writing Tips: The Ultimate Guide

Before understanding it, you have to understand what the keywords are. Whenever you do some searches in the search engine, then some words or sentences are made through a sentence made of a group of words. For example, you searched on Google, “what is keyword research?” So, it is a keyword. Millions of people search on Google or any other search engine with the help of keywords. What happens now is that many people search for the same keyword. Like there are thousands of searches for a particular keyword.

Now if we want us to publish a blog post on that keyword to our blog, and get traffic from that search engine query, then what do we have to do?

Your blog post will have to optimize SEO for that keyword. If you come to basic on-page SEO, then you can easily do it. If you want to know about what SEO is and what its benefits, then click the link below:

  1. What is SEO? Guide For Beginners
  2. How to Use Yoast SEO Plugin for optimizing on-page SEO?

But the problem is not that we have to write a blog post for a keyword, the problem is that how to find such keywords whose searches are too much and can easily rank them on our blog or website search engine.

It works to find keywords like keyword research. What is Keyword research? It means that it is used to find out the keywords to rank your blog or website on the search engines.

There are many ways to do keyword research. But there is a problem that the keywords are already ranked on search engines. Therefore, it is so difficult to rank them on search engines. So it is called it SEO competition. In the keyword research, you have to find keywords whose searches are also low competition. Read this article for more information: On-Page SEO Techniques 2018 For Beginners.

How To Do Keyword Research? 3 Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

The keyword is not a specific method to research, but there are many methods. Different webmasters use different tools for keyword research. Nowadays many tools are available on the internet, but most of the tools are premium, you have to pay something for them.

I will give you the title of Top 3 Tools to do keyword research. In this article, today and soon I will publish them about the detailed blog post. These tools are:

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Keyword everywhere
  3. SEMRush

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Keyword Research Benefits

If you are a blogger and have read carefully all the blog posts given above, then you must have realized the importance of keyword research on your own.

If you write every blog post by keyword research then it is likely that each of your blog posts will target traffic and will participate in increasing the traffic of your blog. (Most of the blogs do not do this because most bloggers do not write every blog post by keyword research.

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By searching Keyword, you target niche based traffic, which is great for affiliate marketing through your blog and the conversion rate of clicks on ads is also more than usual.

In a similar way from Keyword Research, you get ideas to write blog posts on your blog. In this way, you will not have to think about what new publish on your blog every day.

You can gain more traffic by analyzing your competitors’ keywords. The more keywords your site will rank on, the more your domain’s rank of search engine means that the domain authority will also increase.

According to my experience, blog posts which I targeted by keyword research have more comments and shares too.
Hope you have read this blog post and have understood the concept of keyword research and you must have realized its importance too. If you were not paying attention to the keyword research so far, then definitely start giving

Looking at Yourself in the Mirror

When you research a keyword, it depends on looking at yourself in the mirror. Why are you doing keyword research and for what? What kind of audiences are you going to target for your website? How can you serve to audiences by your services? Are you giving the visitors any new information from your content? Read this article to make popular your content Top 10 Off-Page SEO Techniques 2018.

In this way, try to give better information. Make sure that the visitors will not waste their valuable time. If you are focusing the wrong things to the audiences, the visitors never returned to your website to read your content. It’s bad for your website rank on search engines.

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Finding at search intent

When you find out your uniqueness, it’s time to find at search intent. What is your uniqueness to attract visitors? Do you know what kind of audience is visiting your website? You have to know they are looking only information or are they trying to buy something with you?

Find exact words what they are looking for.

Words are the most powerful when doing keyword research. You will get great insights into the words when people use to find what they need to get information. In this case, you need to create user-friendly content which is their intent and goals exactly.

How to Choose Keywords For SEO at Competitors?

When you are doing keyword research, you need to find a good look keyword at your competitors. You need to analyze how are they getting rank on search engines? What do they do for ranking? What content do they rank? Do you understand what the ways to improve on that? Have you thought about looking at the long tail? Read this article What is a keyword strategy?

How are you targeting your keywords?

You need to check your analytics regularly how your keywords perform for your content. Performance is the most important to rank up. Keep in mind you can not achieve your goals without contents. If you do well keyword research, you have to know how to create a content targeting your audience? You can use your knowledge to achieve your goals. There is a lot of things which you can do:

  1. Create landing pages
  2. Write specific types of content and make a good structure for the different search intents
  3. Include minimum a Video and image insights the page

Update your keyword strategy

You need to update regularly your keyword research strategy because of time to time changing of search concept. You have to know what the changes in the world and what kind of content does your audience need to read? Keep your eyes on that things and update if necessary!

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