What Is Code To Text Ratio & Does It Matter Anymore?

What Is Code To Text Ratio?: Your website receives a ranking on search engines. The higher the ranking goes, the more there a chance for you to get visitors. But this is a cyclic process which means that the better content and website you have. The higher your rankings go. Search engine optimization is the process of working with multiple factors. Make sure that your website has a decent ranking. However, not all factors matter the same. It means that there were some factors in the past that don’t matter as much today. And there were some factors that matter today and were not that accounted for in the past. Take the example of Google Page Rank.

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Code To Text Ratio

It is one of the first algorithms to rank websites used by Google. The algorithm took into account the total number of links associated with that web page. Today, Google used more than 200 factors to rank websites. This does not mean that link building is not an effective way to improve search engine rankings; it just means that with time, things change.

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What Is Code To Text Ratio?

If you don’t have technical experience in website and content, it is for your knowledge to know that all websites are in the form of code. It is a computer language. This means that even technologies like Word Press that are used to create other websites also use code at the backhand. On other hands, how people view content on the websites can be divided in the form of pages, text, images, videos etc. When you take a ratio of the total content on the page and compare it with the total text content on the page, it shows how much text you have got on your website in comparison to all the content.

Does Code To Text Ratio Matter?

In the year 2019, not so much. But when website ranking dynamics change, there are reasons for it. Today, people in a very fast paced world. People don’t have the time to read all the content on the web. And the content that they do read, they want it to be precise, factual, to the point and valuable. This is why if a writer can provide great value in little words that are called an amazing writer for web content in 2019. Today, content is designed in a way to incorporate images and videos to further enhance the reader’s experience.

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It was used as a metric to judge the content quality of a blog post. Since more words meant more value back in the days, a higher code to text ratio corresponded to better search engine rankings. On the other hand, today it does not matter. Today, code to text ratio is a website design choice and it does not have an effect on content quality.

How to Check Code To Text Ratio of a Web Page?

If you want to check the code to text ratio of your web page, you can use an online code to text ratio checker. All that you will be required to do is copy and share whatever URL you want to check code to text ratio for. Then hit enter and wait for the check to do rest of the job.

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