Top 10 Social Media Sites to Promote Affiliate Marketing

Are you doing any affiliate marketing? If you want to promote your affiliate marketing, here I am explaining about top 10 social media sites. No.1 is affiliate marketing on Facebook ads and video affiliate marketing on YouTube. There are many social sites such as promote my affiliate link free on Twitter, Pinterest for affiliate marketinggoogle plus images with an affiliate link, LinkedIn for affiliate marketing, Share affiliate link on WhatsAppQuora, and blogger.

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top 10 social media sites

How to Promote Affiliate Marketing to Top 10 Social Media Sites?

Many of the best Social Media Sites are available on the Internet through which you can do earning monthly online by promoting Affiliate Marketing products or affiliate links.

If you want to earn from affiliate marketing, it is the best way on social media sites. We are explaining about top 10 social media sites here. You can easily promote your Affiliate Links online.

When you promote your affiliate link on Social Media Sites, then you will earn more money through Affiliate Links. Many bloggers who are earning a lot of money from affiliate marketing using social media sites which is a good strategy.

Here I am sharing to you about top 10 social media sites which are the best social media sites in the world. If you implement its facilities to promote your affiliate marketing. You can easily promote Affiliate Links.

1. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook Ads

Facebook is a very popular Social Media Site. Nowadays many online businesses are promoting on Facebook. There is also a free promoting facility to create a business page. It is easy to create a Facebook page free and share your affiliate link to a Facebook page. You can also see all activities on your affiliate post such as like, click and share on that link.

You have to know how to share effectively on Facebook then you will get success in your business. Otherwise, it’s not easy to promote your business on Facebook. If you want to learn seriously, it is the best tutorial for you.

2. Video Affiliate Marketing  on YouTube

This time is to watch the video. Most people want to watch a video and become confident themselves. So you can create a video about affiliate marketing including all information about your products and you can promote your affiliate links on YouTube.

It is a very effective way to promote your affiliate marketing on YouTube so that your products will sell more and earn a lot.
When you want to promote your affiliate link, you can share your affiliate links within the description box, so that your viewers can click on those links to buy the product which is you specified.

3. Promote my Affiliate Link Free on Twitter

At this time, Twitter is also a large social media platform. Therefore, Twitter is also the best way to promote affiliate marketing. You can create a short note with your affiliate links so that your affiliate link will be more attractive and you can use the ‘#’ tag with your product name.

When someone wants to click your affiliate link, they can buy easily your products.

4. Share Affiliate Link on WhatsApp

At this time, all people are using Android Smartphone with WhatsApp on their Android phones. Therefore, you can join different groups on Whatsapp and share your affiliate links so that your affiliate links can reach to most people. They can click on those links. It is a very effective way to promote your affiliate links.

5. LinkedIn for Affiliate Marketing

Around 61 million LinkedIn users are outside of the US who are senior level influencers and 40 million users are in decision making positions. 40 million are students who are college graduates on LinkedIn. Therefore, mostly Bloggers and YouTubers, as well as Business Man and Students are also active on LinkedIn today. Hence LinkedIn is also the best way to promote your affiliate links.

6. Pinterest for Affiliate Marketing

81% of Pinterest users are females. Its data is 40% of new sign up users are men and 60% of new sign up users are women. Only a total 7% of pins are from men and whole pins are from women.

Therefore, its data shows you have to focus on women products. That means if you will promote female items you will get the great results on Pinterest.

Along with this, you can also create a short note with your affiliate link which you can also share the necessary information about that products. You must also re-pin your affiliate links with other related images.

7. Instagram for Affiliate Marketing

Now Instagram has 1 billion active users where most users are females. Around 80% of total Instagram users are outside of the US. Only 31% of Americans are using Instagram.

Among that 59% Instagram users between the ages 18-29 and 33% 30-49 years old.
72% Instagram users are teens who are 38% females and 26% males.

Approximately 71% of businesses are on Instagram according to 2018 data. The data shows that it is also the best way to promote your affiliate link on Instagram.

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8. Google Plus Images With Affiliate Link

The platform of Google plus value as a pure social network is minimal for most users. It doesn’t need to say about Google plus has 34 million unique visitors per month are not that impressive for 395 million active accounts.

91% of Google plus accounts were empty, it means they were only created but not used for any promotion. 22% of US users are adult. Google plus has 74% males which are 72% 35 years old above used by 40% of marketers as a social platform.

That’s why Google is a Best Social Media Sites, so you can easily grow your Earning to Promote your Affiliate Links.

9. How to promote affiliate links on Quora?

According to the data of Quora, Quora has 2.2 million visitors from the USA which means only visitors from India around 880,000 visitors. If you compare with users of Facebook, it has 100 million users in India and estimated Twitter has 33 million users.

Quora is a questioning and answering website which is the most popular social media site. Therefore, people are using this site to promote their affiliate links.

The most important thing about Quora is that when you write about a product on Quora, your article also shows on Google’s Search Result. You can also Benefit from that Affiliate Links in Future.

10. How to Add Affiliate Links to Blogger?

When Blogger comes to blogging platforms, it was one of the first providers in the world. It is founded in 1999 and it is the oldest providers in the world and active still. It is a product of Google. Since 2003.

Many bloggers are working still with blogger. If you are positive with this, it is very reliable now. However, Google is trying to divert to Google+ to users.

Blogger is a blogging platform. So when you write a review about a product, it becomes an index on the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing on the internet. When a user wants to collect information about that product, visit your blog.

You can also place your affiliate links and banner ads on a blogger blog. So it looks like more attractive and effective and people buy your suggested products.

In this post, I explained about top 10 social media sites. Thank you for visiting this post.

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