Sundar Pichai Interview is your way to success. He is a chief executive officer of Google who is a red Indian. He says that he is simple and unique. It starts with the success story of Sundar Pichai. If we talk about Sundar Pichai education, he is a computer engineer. In the rental room, sleeping on the floor was beautiful Pichai. The story of those days told in the interview.

Sundar Pichai Interview

Sundar Pichai Interview with the New York Times

The CEO of Google Mr. Sundar Pichai said in details of the days of his stereo in an interview to the New York Times, how he grew up in Chennai.His life was very simple which was far better than the present world. He lived in a modest lease house and slept on the floor of the house.

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Google CEO of Indian origin Sundar Pichai told in the interview. When he was growing up, there was a lack of time. Even today, he still does not sleep without having a bottle of water near the bed. There were refrigerators in other homes but later came to us which was great for us. There was a long time to read near the beautiful Pichai in childhood.

He said, ‘he reads when he gets a chance” Sunder Pichai education has complete from Stanford University. He is a student of IIT Kharagpur before Stanford University. In Stanford, he has done MS in Material Science and Engineering. He said, he accessed to computers and labs, then used to be a big deal for them.

11 Years Old Son Starts to Earn Money

He has also told that his son is 11 years old and he earns an Ethereum (cryptocurrency) and earns money. He is getting a sense of how the world is working. How things are going on. He tries to understand that what is the currency and banking system of paper from them. He starts mining of a cryptocurrency which was Ethereum on own pc.

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The success story of Sundar Pichai Started from 2004

Pretty Pichai has also done an MBA from the Warton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has joined the Google in 2004 and a part of the team that started to develop the Google Chrome browser. He became a product Incharge for the search engines, ads, and Android app after the longtime hard work. Then he was the CEO of Google after 11 years in 2015. Now he is a board member of a company of Google named Alphabet.

Sundar Pichai Interview


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