Social Media Optimization With Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Social Media Optimization is a great idea to increase ranking on search engines using social media management tools. There are much social media management and marketing tools free on social platforms. Facebook and Twitter is the large network to use social media scheduler free and buffer social media.

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social media optimization

What Is Social Media Optimization (SMO) For Your website?

Yoast SEO WordPress plugin is the No.1 plugin to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. Especially, it helps your content to optimize on-page SEO which is technical optimization, such as functionality of XML sitemap and readability analysis of your content. But SEO is far more than that. You need to add a link which is pointing to your website. In that time, people want to talk about your website. It is an interesting part of social media optimization. Therefore, the Yoast SEO plugin helps you to optimize for that.

If you want to study more about social media optimization, you have to visit all around SEO training in Yoast. It is an SEO ultimate guide for essential SEO skills. After then, you will know how to use these skills.

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You can find a social media menu in the Yoast SEO plugin. Here I am explaining about this plugin what to do when you have installed this plugin in your WordPress website. In this plugin, Facebook and Twitter are focusing on social media as the biggest networks. There is an option which is for Pinterest.

1. Facebook

OpenGraph of Facebook is a different type of social networks and search engines. But Obviously, the main reason is to add Facebook itself. The OpenGraph of Facebook support is constantly evolving because its basics are simple in some pieces of your metadata:

  • Canonical URL for the page?
  • The name of the website and the page title
  • Type of content
  • The local?
  • About the page
  • Which image do you want to show for social sharing on Facebook?

Actually, it is posted automatically by your post’s data. It uses the default website’s name, SEO title, canonical URL, and the locale of your website. The meta description is also automatically filled out by default as your post.

If you leave by default mention above, your post will look like this on Facebook.

social media optimization

What is necessary to do for you?

Firstly, you need to go to the Yoast SEO Plugin → Social → the Facebook tab. Secondly, you need to confirm OpenGraph is enabled or not. This is the time to decide to use any person or application as an “admin” for your site. It helps you to use Facebook Insights option. You need to just click on the appropriate button. Then, follow the on-screen guide that will take you to

Thirdly, make sure that you have entered the Facebook Page URL for your website is correct or not. In the last, you will be connected to each post as the publisher.

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These settings are for the Frontpage which is below. Here you can decide which image should use and description. You need to take some time for crafting these. Confirm the image size is large enough (minimum 200px x 200px).

After then, you need to set as a default image which is good. When you have posted your content to your website, it will be used as a default it that does not contain an image. Therefore, it will be shared with maximal visibility at least 200px x 200px.

Finally, you need to go to your personal WordPress profile. For this, you need to just click to your name which is seen top right of the settings. Then, create a link to your Facebook profile. If you need to be an associate of your Facebook profile with the content, you need to enable the “Follow” which is available functionality on Facebook.

As you can see, this is a few minutes of work. After that, Yoast SEO takes all of the work out of your hands. Sometimes Facebook doesn’t pick up changes right away. So if you want to “debug” how Facebook perceives your page, open up a URL in the Facebook Debugger, this one, for instance, is for the homepage.

OpenGraph for Video Content

If you have video content, you need to do more work using our Video SEO plugin. It will take care of all necessary metadata, and doing it. So, it will allow you to share your videos properly on Facebook.


Facebook and Twitter are perfectly identical. Twitter uses its card for these values goes back to the “Facebook over graph”. So we do not have to include everything in the evening, but it is still quite a bit. We are talking about this:

  • the type of content and type of card
    the twitter account of the website
    the author’s its account
    the domain name to show in the card

If we share the same post as above on Twitter, with all the required metadata, this card would look like this:

It is automatically taken SEO title and description from meta description in the Yoast meta box. It is available in the social media tab of the meta box. The image is picked from the featured image of the post. There are settings that you can fill out two values for you.

  • You can type your image, twitter title, and twitter description on the tab.
  • The author account where you can enter on their individual WordPress profile page.

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Live Preview your post of Social media!

If you want to check the demo of how your post or page will preview on Facebook or Twitter? For this, you need to upgrade Yoast SEO Premium. It helps you to check the editor without leaving the layout of your post. Too many time switching between tabs! Joost tells how this video works on:

Checklist for new authors

You can get the most of all of the settings you can set up, and make sure new authors on your site. You can fill out your profile on WordPress.

  • Facebook profile URL, make sure follow is enabled on their profile.
  • Twitter username.

In Conclusion

Its time to go ahead and you need to use Yoast SEO premium to optimize for social media. It is easy to do. You can do it in a few minutes. All these social networks are to keep on adding new features. I hope I will up to date this article. Therefore, you need to make sure that update your Yoast plugin regularly which installed in your website.

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