Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors 2018

You may not know about 10 SEO Ranking Factors 2018. There are many SEO Ranking Factors. But at least you have to know to improve google ranking and top 10 Google Ranking Factors SEO Checklist. You can use Google ranking checker tool to check your website performance.

seo ranking factors 2018

Maybe These are 10 SEO Ranking Factors 2018

Have you ever found a topic to SEO ranking factors 2018? Why do not your post rank in Google? If you are suffering from it, you have to know about this topic. Analyze your article, page load time, image optimization, keywords, web design, and all contents. What types of problem in your web pages? Check one by one and correct that all to SEO friendly.

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If you do not create all corrections, it will be major SEO Ranking Factors 2018.

Recently search algorithms are updated. The website search result will go down if you are not updated to a new algorithm update. You can check grammar with this tools

If your website is showing on first page, you will also get more traffics to your website and increase your revenue also.

The list of SEO Ranking Factors

There are a total of 200+ Rules under SEO Ranking Factor, which you have to pay attention to, but there are some of these Rules which are the most common and important.
So if you do not follow these rules, then your website will be ranked down and you will not have any special advantage from your website, so let’s talk about 2018 Essential SEO Ranking Factor, but with that you There should be complete information on On Page SEO and Off Page SEO which you can read on our website.

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It is important to understand it before SEO because when you understand something well then you can take advantage of it, so let us tell you about some of the 10 SEO Ranking Factor, which is called SEO Ranking Factor It is very important to have

1. Responsive Design

Blog ranking also depends on its design. So it is harmful if you upload a very nice template on your website, but the design is very heavy to take a long time to load the page. You also customize well, but it is not Mobile Friendly or SEO Friendly. This type of design will affect to search engines.

If your website is not SEO and mobile friendly, Google will ignore that type web pages. That type of design can not optimize everything which is you uploaded to your web pages. Google search bots can crawl only correct information of your headings, subheadings, images, and content. So that bots do not know about your content and your blog to crawl on search results.

The conclusion is that due to web design, you will success to drive the first page in Google. Because of this, you lose a huge audience, so you should design mobile-friendly or you can buy any SEO friendly theme. This is the main SEO Ranking Factors 2018. Now you can download adsense ooptimized WordPress theme

2. Secure Website

This is also major to SEO ranking factors 2018. Secure website means when people visit your website, is that secure for visitors? Understand that if your website is not secure, Google will ignore your website and web pages to crawl on search engine. If you first search for a topic on Google, you will see that Google is now only showing the websites that are Secure.

Notes : The question is how to secure the website and why Google is doing this?
How to Secure Website?

If you want to secure your website, install SSL certificate on your website. Now if you are thinking that this is a plugin or a widget then it is not so. You have to purchase SSL Certificate which is very cheap and some Hosting Provider Companies provide free to your hosting website. So check your hosting plan once and if the SSL Certificate is not free then purchase and install to your hosting website.

When you install complete, you will see on your website URL https instead of http. Now you are successful to install SSL Certificate to your domain. Your website is 100% secure for visitors.

Why is Google displaying Secure Sites first?

In 2018, Google’s policy was that it would take its readers to the website on which the information related to that topic is more accurate, but in 2018 security has also been added to this policy. That’s because Google now wants to take care of its readers and only wants them to be taken to Secure and Safe Sites so that users have no problem of any type.

3. Website Loading Speed

Website Loading Speed is another SEO ranking factors 2018. According to the Google algorithm update, website speed is so fast to load within 200 milliseconds. Google will discover your website how fast is loading to visitors. It’s time of 4G where people want to access all things immediately. So Google also wants to send their readers to those websites fast.

To load fast of the website, you should do some important things such as fast web design, optimized image, and server response time. If you install unnecessary plugins, it will take a long time to load and because of plugins. Check your page speeds to this tools

4. Keyword Research

If you do not research proper keywords, it is the major SEO ranking factors 2018. How to research more searching keywords from keyword planner tools? There are many Google keyword planner free tools on the internet. You can search the best one and start to research some related keywords to your article topic.

You can know about how much people are searching on the keyword and how much competition is on the keyword? Because you do not write any SEO friendly article without keywords and you can not rank any page on search engines.

There are many content writers who are writing articles in the same topic. So it is important if you are creating a blog post. It is secret tips for you, low competition keyword has possible to rank the first page on search engines. You can use Google Keyword Planner. It is the best Keyword Planner Free Tools.

5. SEO Optimized Content

When google panda algorithm updated in 2011, Google focuses the content. Now according to the Google, content is king. The Duplicate content never accepts from Google search results.
If your content is genuine, then you can create an SEO friendly post.

SEO friendly Content means that you customize your upload to your websites such as the article, images, and videos. Keep in mind, you have to optimize image alt tag, h1 tag, h2 tags, etc.

When you will do it, the search engine will easily understand your content and show it at the top on search results. It is also a major SEO ranking factors 2018.

For example, the correct title name, images, internal links, headings & sub-headings, paragraphs, keywords placement. Google Webmaster Tools

6. Quality Backlinks

Backlinks mean that external linking to your website from other websites. How many websites are linking with your website or are they genuine? It will increase trustful to your website. More backlinks more click on your URLs and redirect to your website.

Now there are two things:
  1. When you create backlinks, people will know about your website and click on the links to visit your website. It will increase traffics to your website.
  2. Website Reputation is the most important for search engines. When your website will link to other websites, your website links will show of them.

When the website references to your website in a way, search bot will show your website because of the reputation other popular Websites will represent to you.

Now you have to understand that what are the backlinks? How to create genuine backlinks to your website? There are so many tutorials on the internet. You can study that and start to create ethical backlinks to your website.

If you will create more good backlinks, your website will be shown good rank on Alexa which is very much needed for SEO Ranking Factor.

The first website you are creating Backlink, Alexa Ranking should be better than your Alexa Ranking. The website should not be Adult as well as being Secure and Spam Free. Which is very much needed for SEO Ranking Factor.

7. Short Permalink

Do you have a long URL which is you have published? When you publish an article on your blog or website, every page has generated separate URL. Auto-generated URL will be so long. That means URL will not be SEO friendly. So, you have to create manually SEO friendly short URL for your web page. Because longer URL is not valid for Google.

It is a simple logic, search bots show up only who has short and SEO friendly URL. That websites can get only fast on search results quickly.

If you have a long URL, search bots will take so long time to read it. That is a problem then it will not be able to find your blog post immediately.

If you have just written your target keyword in your URL, it will read easily the keyword. So, if you want to index immediately, you have to create SEO friendly short URL for your post.

8. Image Optimization

If you will not optimized images, you attached without Alt tag to the post. Your web page rank will be down such as image size so large. That means you have uploaded unnecessary image size to your web page. It is the most important you have to reduce image size which you want to upload on your web page. Your image should be representing your content, and the image will also contain tags.

If you wanted to fully optimize your image, it is best to describe and the image must be your own created. Through which search Bot can not only get information about your image, but it can recognize your image well and show it on Google image so that you can better promote your website.

9. Sharing on Social Media

More sharing on social media and more traffics to your website. When you share on social media, your web pages will boost to search engines. Social sharing means that you share your articles on social media. People will see your articles and they will visit your blog post. So, must share on social media for SEO boosting.

If your post is most shareable to people, you will get more traffics from social media and your web pages will boost fast on search engines. Keep in mind your post must be shareable. Otherwise, you will not get any to your website.

If your post is not getting any response from the people, your content is not good for the people. So, try to write for the audience, not for you.

When people impress with your article, you will get a lot of impact on search ranking. So you must share your articles on social media as well as social share buttons on the website. So that people can share your article.

10. Blog Post

Describe in details which you have written, but you have to create short and sweet paragraphs for promoting your blog post. When someone will read your blog post, they will easily understand your content concept and read more and more and share to friends group. The keyword will come again and again for search result Improvements.

Here sharing about two things which are the more value for the ranking.

  1. A description is a place where you can write your keywords and alternative keywords so that search bots will discover your keyword immediately. It can show your article on the first page. Now there is a condition as well as your keyword should be maximum 3 times, but you have to always try to have your keyword written just twice.
  2. Encourage people to click through the description, you can tell people what information is in your blog post. If you have any printed copy which you want to show, you can publish it and describe it. If you have any useful video, attach it also within a description.

Because any screenshot and Videos help people understand that they can learn all things to do with that article. Similarly, you can use different things which give people a reason to click on your article so that they click on it.

Conclusion to SEO Ranking Factor 2018

If you read one by one all the above article, then you can definitely rank your article on the search engines. Along with this, if you have any Confusion on this topic or any questions. You can comments to comment box with your question title. Thank you for visiting this Top 10 SEO Ranking Factors 2018.

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