SEO Content Writing Tips: The Ultimate Guide

SEO Content Writing Tips is an ultimate guide for the bloggers who are doing content marketing. It is a big challenge for every SEO strategy. The content of your website is to fine-tune to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. In this case, you have to write an article clearly so that your audience can understand easily and enjoy with your content. Therefore, I suggest that increasing your article readability.

seo content writing tips

SEO Content Writing Tips: The Ultimate Guide

In this article, I am going to explain SEO content writing tips for digital marketers who want to work online. There are three stages of the writing process which are the most important of the keyword research as well as. It will help you how to create an SEO friendly article and optimize multiple keywords on a post. I will give you some SEO Content Writing Tips in this article.

This tip covers the following topics to SEO Content Writing TiPs

  • SEO content writing tips and holistic SEO
  • Research keywords before writing
  • Three types of writing an article
  • Stage 1 of the writing preparing 40% text
  • Stage 2 of writing 20% text.
  • Stage 3 of correcting 40% text
  • SEO content writing tips for international sites
  • Finally, SEO content writing is process

SEO content Writing Tips and holistic SEO

While Using Yoast SEO plugin, we are experiencing holistic SEO. It means that our primary goal is to create the best website so that can be ranking on Google search engines automatically.

seo content writing tips

Google always wants to show their customers about all the world’s information and need to access all over the world. In this case, Google makes money, but Google serves to make the information accessible in the world. Otherwise, people stop to use Google. Therefore, we agree with Google which wants to show the people the best result if our website is the best for a niche market. Google will rank our website first page in the results.

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Holistic SEO

Holistic SEO is an SEO strategy which is called synthesizing marketing strategy. It is aimed to make the best website in a specific niche market. The technically website design must be excellent and most important to target to the audience. This is an advanced SEO content writing tips for content marketers. Read more Top 10 Keyword Planner Free Tools.

How to write the best copy!

When you make sure that your website is the best, now you can post to read easy and a nice article. Without making any privilege to the quality-content, you have to fine-tune your text of the article as the search engine’s demands. It is so hard to create an SEO content, but it is also easy to start it if you have knowledge of writing. Read more: 5 tips to write readable blog posts! »

Research keywords before writing

First of all, research some keywords before writing an article which is the most important thing to create SEO friendly content. It means you have to find a word that is a topic to target your audience. To optimize multiple keywords in your post, you need to use multi keywords inside the article which you want to rank on search einges. It means that this is the first step of SEO content writing tips.Proper keyword research consists of these three steps:

Step 1: Create a mission for researching keyword

When you are going to research keyword for your topic, create a mission what about you are going to write an article. It will make to easy research actual keywords. While creating a mission statement, you have to decide such as who are you and what is about your blog? How can you make unique it? Take some time to create so that you can write down the best mission statement. For more information, read this article.

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Step 2: Create a list of related keywords

After complete a clear mission statement, you can create a list of all the researches keywords. When your mission is clear, you have to include all listed keywords inside the article. It is little hard to create so keep in mind how many time you use your keywords in the post.

While writing an article, it is good terms to target your audience how much like to find you?  What searches on Google? If most searchable keywords you can include inside the article, you can get success to make popular your post soon. Also, thinking of combinations of these terms.


There are many keyword research tools on the internet. You can use it free or if you need to buy also available. When research using these tools you will find many keywords and its monthly searches volume. Read this post for more understanding of how to research keywords if you get a sense of the difficulty of finding keywords.

Create an overview about keywords

Finally, it is a better way to create a useful overview from which you can get great help of SEO content writing tips. It helps to create a summarized of a table of information about your keywords. Try to mix up your all keywords as well as focusing on the main keyword. At first, you have to decide which keywords are suitable to rank on search engines. It is a secret to focus less competitive with high bid suggested, and less popular keywords.

Read this post about why you need to focus on long-tail keywords and what benefits more than short keywords.

Step 3: Build up SEO friendly landing pages

The final step of the researching keyword is to build up nice SEO landing pages. A landing page means that it is an SEO friendly article to reach in visitors using a specific keyword. When you create an SEO friendly content, that could be dedicated blog post. Make sure that page is navigated or not and every related keyword.

When you experience in keyword research, it will give you a good idea for your blog. You can unlock content because of a specific keyword. A keyword is not a topic content make in multiple keywords combinations. Read more this post.

Three types of writing an article

When you have to decide on a topic, the SEO content writing tips begins from here. The SEO content writing process consists of the three types: Preparing 40%, writing 20%, and correcting 40% total 100%.

Stage 1: Preparing your text 40%

The beginning the stage is preparing to create content which is 40% done. Before put fingers on the keyboard, think a bit then start to write the article. Keep in mind on your topic and keywords which are researched. What’s the purpose of your article? Why are you writing and achieve?

  1. What is the focusing message of your blog post? What is the question do you want to answer?
  2. Who will be your visitors for your post?
  3. What is your article’s structure? And what information presents from your post?

This post is about the preparing a blog post. When you read this post, you will able to answer these questions.

What is the TEXT structure?

The TEXT structure is the most important for preparing to write an article. The text structure means it is text format like headings, subheadings, paragraphs, etc. If you create a clear text design, you will get a better ranking on search engines.

You have to pay attention seriously about the text structure before beginning to write the article. The text structure is the skeleton of the post. It will help to read who visits your post.

If posts and pages are a clear structure, it will perform a better result in higher conversions on search engines. It will help to rank the first page on Google. If visitors understand your message properly, they will buy your products or service.

Stage 2: Writing your text 20%

Now you have complete the preparing process so you can start to write an article. It takes only 20% of the whole time in the article.

In this stage, you have to write of SEO content. There is a problem to start writing an article with the first sentence (first paragraph). But, in this stage, you can avoid the first paragraph. Just write down some words referring to the content. You have to start writing in the second paragraph. It is easy to write in the beginnings and endings once you have welshed the main body of the blog post.

If sentence is grammatically incorrect, don’t worry about it just keep continueing. You can rewrite or recorrect these things in the next stage. It is important to say in the flow of writing.

The structure of your text

While SEO content writing, use the structure that you have created in the preparing stage 1. According to your plan, write the clear paragraphs with the important sentence. After then explain on it so that your visitors will able to understand that most important content from your post.

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Make sure that how many readability score is in your text?

If you want to focus your audience, your text must be high readabliltiy score because to read on the screen is so hard. So increase your text readability score to your blog post. That means you have to make easy to read and interesting post. It attracts to more returning visitors on your website which is high conversion rate on your website. Most importantly, you have to confirm that you are writing for your audience.

There are lot of tips on the internet, read that how can you increase your blog post readability socre? The another thing is that you have also to improve the typography of your blog. It will really help you to fine-tune your SEO content writing.

Utilize some style tips for your blog post

Expert writer who can write naturally it doesn’t need any SEO content writing tips. He can able to create an attractive content in a few times. But you must read SEO content writing tips if you have no idea how to write an article. Practice makes a perfect so many time practice and more practice then start to write an perfect SEO content. If you do that, you will improve knowledge of an attractive SEO content writing skill in a short time.

Reading some English magazine, other blog post, and novels will inspire you to write your own niche article. You will learn from that how other people create the sentences and the paragraphs. It will teach you how to play the language in your text. That means your article will be user friendly readable blog post. Read this blog post about how to get an attractive SEO content writing tips and style?

Make a break time during article writing

If you need to take a break, you can make a break time during content writing because you will lose concentration after a long time writing. However, your mind can concentrate a long time, though you need to take a break time.

Talking about myself, I cannot able to write for more than 1 hour at a time. However, everybody cannot able to write 1 hour at a time, so at that time, you can make a break time for refreshment of outside from your working room. You can check your Facebook timeline or drink a cup of green tea. Around five minutes break time can be enough and return to your writing room. If you do that, you will get a fresh concentration and re-creativity.

Stage 3 of the SEO content writing tips: correcting your text

When you have finished SEO content writing, that is the first draft of your article. Now you have to improve the final stage of writing. It will take quite a long time finalizing your article.

It is the correcting stage of the SEO content writing tips in which you have to kill your lovers. Please don’t worry to throw stuff out. In this stage, you have to read and re-read and re-re-read your post and correct any wordy sentences which are uncleared phrasing. If there are jumbled paragraph structures, here are five step ways to take action to your post and edit your article.

Install Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress website

When you are editing your text, at this time, you will find very useful for SEO content writing tips from the Yoast SEO plugin. If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, you can make your text more readable. Using Yoast SEO plugin, it will give you a quick overview in details. It will suggest analyzing content in Yoast SEO. Read this post for more information

Step 1: Read slowly and silence

Start to read your text slowly and silently. Each and everything needs to be corrected grammatically and spelling. If you concentrate on your own work, you can get success on your SEO content writing.

Step 2: Seriously check every sentences

Edit every sentence and the spelling of words. Check and correct grammatically of sentences and its readability. Make sure that you have to make sentences your short and sweet.

Step 3: Make a short and sweet paragraphs

If all sentences have approved in one paragraph, then look at the structure within that paragraph. Focus on that first sentence. Does that first original sentence actually capture the thing that you want to say in that particular paragraph? Are there sentences within paragraph presented in a logical order? Do you use transition words to clarify the connection between sentences?

Step 4: Correct the structure of your text

Check one by one the structure within the paragraphs is clear or not. Are the subjects presented in logical order in your article? If you want to change some words and sentences, you can correct all that properly which are wrong.

Check all headings and subheadings which you have used in your article. The best way is to check step by step of headers and subtitles with focus keyword. You have to make sure that the titles help your readers to understand the structure of your text.

Step 5: Ask for feedback

Your SEO is receiving very last step feedback in the SEO content writing tips. When you complete editing your text, you can ask a question to people for feedback. In Yoast SEO plugin, you need to take help to read and check with at least two friends before you publish the post. If someone feedbacks on your post, then it means that you need to make some improvements.

It would also be useful to let someone from your audience proofread your post to test whether the message is communicated properly. Also, feedback from someone with professional writing and grammar skills, such as an editor, will help you improve your blog post even further.

It will help the readers who need the message properly communicated or not. Apart from this, professional writing skills as well as grammar, such as feedback with an editor, will help you to make your blog post even better.

SEO Content Writing Tips for International Websites

It is so hard to write well. Even If you have multiple websites for many areas and languages, then you know that is true. Translating content due to the event of false friends in different languages can be a difficult business. False friends mean that words look similar in two different languages, but in reality, there is something different.

It is not to create content in multilingual sites. Though you need three ways to go for this:
  1. Convert the content into other languages;
  2. Write an article which is new for the market;
  3. Transcript content which is a combination of both.

It is easy to translate. But it’s also a complex one. Make sure that your translation is sending the same message or the same tone of voice as your original article? If you are a native speaker, it is hard to judge. So, check the copy because always you have a native speaker.

If you create new content with the local team, it is the safest choice. It helps to get the highest quality result. If you are not taking full advantage of the content, it will consume a very long time that’s already there.

Therefore I would like to advise you to transcreate what you already have as a first. But you need to work again targeting the local group. You have to confirm that who knows the local market and creates the content. If you want to know more about it, read this article which is in multiple languages.

Conclusion: SEO Content Writing tips is a process

When you follow a defined process, SEO content writing tips can work best. If you want to check your text, it should be as good as possible. If you need to write natural, you have the practice because everyone is not a natural writer.

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