Self Driving car Technology in The World

“Self Driving car Technology” is driving without driver car, is it real joke? Maybe you heard about “Self Driving car Technology. It means car drives without driver. It will works on self driving car i.e., without driver-driven cars all over the world.  Google Self Driving Car is most popular Self Driving car. At the same time, Dubai has decided to include self-driving car in its country’s police department. This country has ordered a 100 car. This car can handle petrol work well. Let’s know about this car.

Who Made Self Driving car Technology?

The Singapore-based company OTSAW is “Self Driving car Technology” introduced the car named KO-R3L Meanwhile, San Francisco, including Dubai, also ordered some units of this car. Dubai has planned to take 100 cars before 2020. This car also comes with a drone that helps keep an eye on the area.

Google Self Driving Car Technology

being tested as a test, it is an important step through which people will be able to ride in self-driving cars. Google Self Driving Car

Google has been testing self-driving technology for a long time, which has walked about 16 lakh kilometers on the roads and it is adding 16 thousand kilometers continuously every week. photo1

Traditional companies are also pushing on self-driving car technology. The vision of 2020, the self-driving car will be completed.

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Self-driving cars now have more software than hardware. Radars, lasers and cameras being used by Google have developed so much that they can easily monitor the road in all directions, even those who can not see the eyes. The difficulty will be to find out what to do with all these information.

Self Driving car Technology

In essence, the car needs an electronic brain, which knows that it is driving in a place where there are pedestrians and bicyclists with the human driver. Google Self Driving Car

Parking is a big issue in these cars. Companies like Ford have already pulled out cars that themselves park themselves. The French company Wallio is also working on the technology to park itself with many automakers. Such parking techniques in which you will leave your car in the garage and the car will park itself and park itself. When you are ready to go, the car will automatically come to you from the garage.

Equipped with 360 degree HD camera

A special camera has attached on the ‘O-R3’ car, which has the ability to record the video at 360 degree angle. This video has shown with HD quality. This car has seen with thermal imaging technology, laser scanner and lidar (light detection and wrangling) technology. With its help, it can easily identify the accused who is currently 330 feet away and it is related to gather information.

Police Officers can get all information.

The car has integrated several techniques. Even if this high-tech car appears to be a suspect then the technology present in it. It will inform Police Offers before arrived the spot, The action can be taken as soon as possible.

It has integrated with a drone

This hi-tech car will not work alone, but it will also have a drone to accompany. It will keep an eye on the current situation and the information will reach the police department through the O-R3 car. As soon as the drone arrives at O-R3, the battery will be charging itself. In this case, the robot will not have to face the problem.

Eco-Friendly Car Plans By 2030

Dubai police plans to include eco-friendly cars in their fleet. These cars also include the Limited Edition Aston Martin One-77, LamborghiniEventor, Hybrid Porsche, BMW and Ferrari FF in Fleet. Apart from this, there is also a supercar near Metropolitan Police (UK), South Carolina (US), Australia Police, Italy

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