Online Affiliate Marketing for Beginner

Online Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online. If you have your own blog or YouTube Channel, you can make money online promoting any Affiliate Link. First of all, you have to create an Affiliate Account from any Affiliate Program Website. When you will get approved your account, after then you can place affiliate links to your blog or YouTube Channel. If someone clicks your links and buy some goods from your links, you will get some commissions as affiliate policy.

online affiliate marketing


What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

Many Online Websites are running a program to promote their products which is called Affiliate Marketing. When you will create an affiliate account and get approved from affiliate marketing online website, you can create a lot of links of available goods. Every websites have different terms and rules for commissions. You can choose Amazon Affiliate Program if you are going to do affiliate marketing. I highly recommend you it is the best for bloggers or YouTube Channels.

Amazon Affiliate Program is the biggest program in the world. It has lots of different varieties products are different commissions. There are other affiliate program also, like clickbank, eBay, snapdeal, flipkart etc. These are also good but you can not make lots of money from them because they have low commission. So bloggers can not survive from that commission.

It’s not necessary to tell you about the era. It means, it is the technology era. So, a lot of companies are trying to reach online promoting but only some are getting success to sell online over the world. So, again I want to recommend that the Amazon Affiliate program is the best way to make money online for bloggers. It has also better commission than other affiliate program.

How Does Online Affiliate Marketing Link Work?

When you join to an Affiliate Program, you can login to your account and generate affiliate links which provided for you. After then you can share that links to your blog, Social Media and YouTube Channel. Visitors can see that links and buy that products. When people buy some goods from your links, you will get commission. If you need to transfer your commission to your bank account, company will be transferred to your account every commissions.

Just like a salesman gets incentive from the company to sell a product, in the same way affiliate marketing is commissioned to sell a product. So if you have the skill to sell a product, then it is a good platform for you to earn money

What is Affiliate Program?

The online business company runs such a program which gives a commission after selling any products from their program. These programs are called affiliate program in those online websites. Like amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, clickbank, ebay, etc

How to Start Online Affiliate Marketing with Amazon?

You can join the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program very easily. You must register / sign up for joining the Amazon Affiliate Program, after registering, you become a member of the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. Follow the full process to register / sign up in the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program, which is as follows.

1. Open>> Amazon Affiliate Program. When you will open on your browser, you can see look like below screenshot.

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2. Join Now For Free, once you click on it, the Register page will open in front of you. You can fill up every blank spaces step by step.

Amazon Affiliate Program

3. Put your name and gmail /email id and verify your email. After then select your password and go for next page.

4. Give your payee name and full addresses, then tick on the Payee listed above.

5. Here in this page, you will see two options, one is website list and another is your mobile app list. Enter the your website URL or social media URL like Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube Channel, etc. After then tick on NO and go for confirm.

How to Create an Associate Store ID?

6. Give your preferred associates Store ID. It is your Amazon Affiliate ID. Every generated products links belong to your ID. Keep in mind, generate a store ID which is easy to understand you. Now you have to choose your website type, mobile app category and types of items. You can select one by one as your choice.

7. This page is traffic monetized. Select type of website one by one your traffic sources. The next question is for you that how do you use your website or app to make money? You can choose from drop-down menu and type a captcha code here for next page.

8.Put your PAN Card number, bank account number, IFSC Code, bank name and location of your bank. Also you have to add your payment method.

9. Now almost you are going to complete your registration form, finally here is a remain to verify your mobile number. Keep in mind, the Amazon is located in USA. So you must give your US mobile number. If you have no US number, you can generate a number from 2ndline . Create an account on it and put your number. You can look like.


How to Verify Your Mobile Number?

Some tricks to verify your mobile number. Put your US number in blank space. Now press Call Me Now button. After a second you will get a number on screen. That is your verify code number. Please save that number in your mind and be ready to receive call from Amazon immediately. Just listen voice and type verify code number on your mobile.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you do this correctly, you will get approved immediately your account. If you unable to verify your number, your account will be pending waiting for approval. Try again and follow same process and rules. You will get approved your account 100% Guarantee.

When your account approved, you can go to login to Amazon Affiliate Program. When you complete your login to your account, you will see your dashboard.

Amazon Affiliate Program


Now you can select any type of items from your dashboard and place to your blog or YouTube Channel or Social Media page. There are different category and different type of links such as short-long link. Generate any type of link as your choice. After then promote your affiliate links from every where, any place or platforms.

Promote Your Links to These Platforms.

It is not a joke to get traffic to your blog. Nowadays everyone can make website, but it’s hard to say how to drive traffic to your website? There are many platforms to generate traffic. But you have to work hard and hardworking. If you can give full-time to your blog and fully optimized your keywords on search engine, you will get more traffics on your website. So, Do not waste time, start now and work long-term. If you are thinking to do short-time, it’s not possible. You will not earn any penny from your affiliate Program. If you are ready to spend all things, let’s go i am explaining about some platforms below.

How to Create a Blog ?

First of all, register a domain related to Affiliate Program and host it to good hosting company. Then you must create a blog. This option is the best for Affiliate Marketing. There are many platforms to create a blog. I recommend, use WordPress because it is the best adsense friendly platform. It has lot of free and premium adsense optimize theme. Many bloggers are earning big money from Affiliate Marketing. You can also start Affiliate Marketing by creating your own blog.

  1. Create a niche blog.
  2. Post SEO friendly articles on your blog.
  3. Optimize least 10+ long tail and short tail keywords related to affiliate program.
  4. Verify your site with Search Engine Console like Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster Tools
  5. Submit URL to Search Engine of Every post.
  6. If you do like this, you will also make huge organic traffic form search engine and commissions.

How to Promote on YouTube Channel?

If you have already a YouTube Channel, you can monetize on that. If you have no any YouTube Channel, you can create with Gmail ID. You can also create with old gmail ID. It is also the second best way to promote Affiliate links because YouTube is the second biggest website free promoting platform after google. You can generate a lot of traffic here.

  1. Create a YouTube Channel and Make an affiliate link description of videos.
  2. You can create a video about Affiliate Program like Amazon Affiliate Program and give the full address on the video.
  3. Search any video related Affiliate Program and make a good comment with your Affiliate link.
  4. If you do like this, you will get more traffic also from YouTube to your YouTube Channel and get more commissions.
  5. Optimize some good keywords on your Channel.

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Share to Facebook Page and Facebook Group

Facebook is the No. 1 largest social media network. Around 2.5 billions people are engaging on social media and 80% people are on Facebook. Many Online Business Promoters are taking to get huge benefits from Facebook. therefore, you can also make it a great platform to promote your Affiliate Business.

  1. Create a Facebook page and Facebook Group,
  2. Post every page to your Facebook page and Group,
  3. You can search related Facebook Group and join with them,
  4. Go to make a nice comment and give a link.
  5. If do like this, you will make huge traffic from Facebook and commissions also.
  6. People can also use this method who spend more time on Facebook. Also, people who do not have YouTube channel and blog can also batch the affiliate product by creating their Facebook page and Facebook group.

Create a WhatsApp Group on your Mobile

Nowadays Whatsapp is also a huge platform to share contents. So, Don’t miss it, you can share your videos and URL to Whatsapp group. You can get also some traffic benefits and digital advertising to your friends and relatives.

  1. Create a Whatsapp Group related to Affiliate Program and add all friends and relatives.
  2. Share videos and blog post to whatsapp group.

Tweet to Twitter

Twitter is also a prestige social media platform. Because world reputed businessmen are using the twitter. Many celebrities are also engaging on Twitter to share their profile and events. It has also huge users. You can promote your Affiliate link here. The same process like Facebook like, share and comment on the post.

  1. Create a twitter ID with upload good looks cover related Affiliate Program.
  2. You can tweet your every post and Affiliate links on Twitter.
  3. Make a comment on other twitter tweet and like and share it.

Finally, there are many social media network over the world. Such as Linkiden, Instagram, Reddit. There are also many Public Forum. If you want to share on forum, search quora. It is the best to share your link.

Thank you for visiting my blog post. I hope it will help you.

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