One Signal Push Notification Is Easy to Add On The Website

If you want to set up push notification service to your blogger or WordPress, you can add one signal push notification service to your website. When you add push notification services to your website, it sends notifications to your website’s visitor about your new posts. In this article, I am telling you how to set up one signal push notification to your website? If you are using WordPress platform, it is easy to add installing WordPress push notifications plugin.

one signal push notification

How Can You Set Up One Signal Push Notification on WordPress?

Do you know what is one signal push notification and How can you add push notification to your website? Push notification is a service that provided by one signal which is free. Go to and create an account to get one signal app ID and API key.

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one signal push notification

Now you can install onesignal WordPress notification plugin if you are using the WordPress platform after then configure one signal ID and API keys. Here is given a screenshot for reference.

one signal push notification

If you have set up one signal push notification to your website, visitors receive a notification automatically which is given below in a screenshot.

one signal push notification

Push Notification How It Works

Now the question is how it works for your website? If your notifications are allowed by visitors, it will notify when you publish a new post to your website on their browser.

You can get two benefits from it. The first is visitors who have allowed to send notification permission. Your every new post will send to notify to visitors directly on their browser.

The second advantage is that they click on that notification directly to your website. Therefore, you must put One Signal Push Notification on your WordPress.

Actually, Push Notification Service is a premium service, but the One Signal company is providing free service. If you have a website, you can install a plugin which is available on WordPress.

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If you want to add one signal push notification, you have to follow some basic steps:-

Step 1:- Create An Account to One Signal

First of all, visit onesignal official website where you can create an account free. Now a popup window will open on your screen. In this window you can click on the Sign-Up button, if you wish, you can also sign up with your Facebook, Github or Google Plus Account.

Step 2:- Add a New App

Sign in to onesignal website and add App. Now you have to give an app name and click save button. Now like on the screen below. On your screen page will open where you get the option of Add a New App.

You first click on it and enter the name of your app. With the name of the app is a simple name without spaces. You don’t need to confuse, you can type a name because it’s just the name of your One Signal Account after this, you can click on the Add App button.

one signal push notification

Step 3:- Choose a Web Push

When you click Add App button, you will see a pop-up window in front of the image below where you have given some options, now you have to choose Web Push on the options and go for NEXT.

one signal push notification

Now there will be a big page open on your screen, in which you have to configure Push Notification. In which you will set all things for your website one by one.

At the top you will get three options (Typical Sites, WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder and Customs Code), you have to select the option of WordPress Plugin or WordPress Builder because you are going to create push notification for WordPress.

4:- Site Setup

In this section, select WordPress again. After then you have to enter the details of your website. There are spaces like Site Name, site URL, and default icon URL. Fill up all the details in the blank spaces and go for my site is not fully HTTPS? It means if your website is not HTTPS, you have to on this button. Otherwise, leave it as is.

5:- Default Icon URL

Now if you want to add an icon of your One Signal then you can upload it directly from your computer or leave it blank. You will get the default a bell icon.


If you have HTTPS installed on your website, you can turn it on.

7:- Permission Prompt Setup

This section is a bit more important to you because now you have to configure Push Notification, in which place you will have a Push Notification Show, what will be the show, what will be text in it, etc. This section is divided into 3 parts.

1. Subscription Bell

This Subscribe Bell is a small icon on your website/blog, it is important for you to create it in the beginning.

Step 01. Add a Prompt

First, click on the Add a Prompt icon in the Permission Prompt Setup, which opens up a Pop-Up Page Open as shown above.

Step 02. Important Configuration

Size: First you have to set the size of your Bell Icon for which you have three options (Large, Medium, Small) You can select any of these options.

Location: Now you have to set a location for your Bell icon in which you get two options (Left, Right) You can select any of the two options according to your IQ.

Color: Now in Color, you have Main and Accent two options, from which you can change the color of your Bell icon with the Main option and change the color inside the Icon from the Accent option.

Visibility: On opening this option, those people who do not see your Subscription Bell will be seen again.

Step 02. Other Changes

There are some settings after these settings but they are not important to you, so let them remain the same and click Save Button.

02. Slide Prompt

First, click on the add a prompt button again and you open a popup of the Slide Prompt in front of you.

This Push Notification shows on your website when any visitor visits your website. Most people do this through Popup Notification via your Notification so you can customize this box according to your website as-

Slide down Prompt

First of all, you have to do this on the checkbox given in front of this box so that you can edit the text of this popup.

Action Message: In this box, you can write a small message for your readers so that they subscribe as soon as you read it.

Such as: If you have a news website then you can write “Do you want to read Daily Latest News” or something like this that people should attract that only by clicking on Notification’s Yes button.

Button: You can also type in Hindi, English or Hinglish languages like Yes – No, Yes – No, Ha – Nhi etc.

After that click on Save Button.

04. Welcome Notification

In this section, you have to write a Welcome Message, when your Reader will subscribe to your website, then this message Show is done. You can also enter the URL of any page of your websites such as About Us or a Page of Thanks Page If you have made it, then you can apply it too.

Advanced Section

You do not have to make any changes in this section, you just click on the Save button given below.

Add Code to Site

After clicking on Save Button, now on your screen, a page will open like the above image, where you have been given a Code Combination as well as a Button of Copy Code. You click on the Copy Code button so that it gets Copy Code.

So far you have configured One Signal Push Notification System, now you need to add it to your Blogger Blog for which we tell you further.

Blogger Blog Par Signal Push Notification

Now you have your One Signal Code that you want to add to your Blogger Blog for which you follow the steps given below-

Step 01. Login into your Blogger Dashboard

First, you log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 02. Go to Themes Options


Now you can click on the Themes option in the left sidebar of the Blogger’s Dashboard and in front of you will open a page like an image. In this page, you will find two options to Customize and Edit HTML just below the preview of your theme. Are there.

You can click on the option of Edit HTML, which makes your Theme’s Coding Open.

Step 03. Paste your Copied Code

Now click anywhere on the given page on the mouse and press the Ctrl + F Button from Keyword, which will take a Search Box Show on your screen. In the Search Box, you have to type <head> and press Enter. is.

By which you will find Coding of the Head section of your Theme and you first create a little space by pressing Enter <head> below the code and paste it that you copied from Code One Signal Page.

Now your One Signal Push Notification code has been added to your theme, which is to save you by clicking on the Save Template button and your One Signal Notification will be active on your Blogger Blog.

You open your blog in New Tab and check it out. Now your Blog Readers will be able to activate the Notification of your Blogger Blog and you will be able to easily increase Traffic on your blog.

In Conclusion (Blogger Blog Par One Signal Push Notification)

Hopefully, you can add your Blogger Blog Par One Signal Push Notification easily with the above information. Now if you want any information related to Blogger, you can click on Blogger’s Button in the sidebar or search the above Find Box

If you do not find any articles related to Blogger on our website, you can tell us through the Comment Box or Contact Us Page. We will try to publish a Blog Post at that topic as soon as possible.

Now, if you have any questions related to this topic then you can ask us in the Comment Box and you can use the Bell Icon or Email Subscription Service to get our Latest Post’s Notification.

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