Top 10 Off-Page SEO Techniques 2018

There are many types of SEO techniques which are on-page SEO techniques 2018 and off-page SEO techniques 2018. But this article is about top 10 off-page SEO techniques 2018. It is the most important to optimize the blog post on search engines because unless you are not fully satisfied with this two SEO, you will never be able to get your website up to a good rank.

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Off-Page SEO techniques 2018

What is the Off-Page SEO Techniques 2018?

Off-page SEO techniques 2018 is a technique. If you are doing search engine marketing, it is the most important to get results on search engines.

There are two kinds of SEO which are off-page SEO and on-page SEO. This article is explaining about top 10 off-page SEO techniques 2018. It is exactly outbound links. When it connects to other websites, it becomes a more trusted website.

Inside the Off Page SEO, we learn those techniques. By which we can promote our website as much as possible and create backlinks so that our website’s Ranking Improve.

When we create a blog or website, we know the information about that blog. That is why we have to inform more people about our website so that people can get information about our website and visit our website.

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It is called a web promotion. We have to learn about the link building which is the off-page SEO techniques 2018. When your website gets more backlinks, the search bots will index the website quickly. It helps to show it on search engines.

Why Do You Need Off-Page SEO Techniques 2018?

Already we have discussed that within Off-Page SEO techniques 2018. We also learn how to promote the website and link building.

To make popular is the best way to promote the website. If you design an SEO friendly website and publish high-quality content, it helps to create backlinks automatically. There is a slight similarity in the promotion of the website and link building.

When we promote our website, the visitor can click on that link and visit the website. It means it increases traffic on the website the same condition also occurs in link building.

But there are differences in both, so we will learn about both of these and the techniques used in them so that you can clear off the topic of Off-Page SEO techniques 2018.

That’s why we need to do off-page SEO techniques 2018. Without off-page SEO, we can not get success to get rank on search engines. Without search engines, we can not grab popularity.

The List of Top 10 Off Page SEO Techniques 2018

When we promote our website on different sources on the Internet, it is called website promotion techniques. I am explaining about top 10 off-page SEO techniques 2018 which are one by one given below.

1. Forum Posting Sites List 2018

Forums are the best platforms to promote the links of the blog post. Many bloggers are engaging on the forum sites who want something new techniques and tutorials to increase the knowledge. Therefore, we can get more traffics and backlinks for the website. We can create an interesting topic where people are searching to read such as why do you need off-page SEO techniques 2018? Here you can find some forum sites list below.

  1. submitexpress
  2. ninjafortress
  3. firststrikepro
  4. keygmafamily
  5. scionxdforum
  6. mmgselfmade
  7. 866mymajor
  8. tibiaml
  9. myopengrid
  10. esports

It is simple. We can create an account to the forum site and log into the site. You will get your dashboard and ask some question to people related to your blog post with a link.

In this way, you can give any types of information related to your blog to the people. They will visit your blog if they feel that is the necessary information. It is so effective way to increase traffic to the blog. So, nowadays all bloggers use forums to get backlinks and much traffic. Forums have more DA and PA so that our website will get the high trusted score.

2. Top 5 Social Media Sites

1. Facebook, 2. Google Plus, 3. Twitter, 4. Linkedin, and 5. WhatsApp

In this time, social media is the No.1 platform to promote any kinds of products. Around the 2.1 billion people are using social media. More than 50% of internet users are using Facebook. Among them, 50% of internet users are using other social media platforms such as Twitter, GooglePlus, Linkedin, and WhatsApp.

Therefore, social media sites are so easiest and cheapest platforms for the blogs. Social Media Sharing helps to become a popular website and promote branding the business. Social Media has a high domain Authority and page authority so that backlinks are also so powerful to get the referring links. It is the best way to optimize off-page SEO techniques 2018.

3. Free Photo Sharing Sites

Images sharing is also the best way to share the links of the website. There are many image sharing websites on the Internet where we can upload all kinds of images related to the website. In this way, using image sharing websites can make backlinks and traffics on the website because of the high domain authority and page authority.

Images are a very good medium for promoting any products and websites as well as you can post your URL with your photos. So that people will view the images if images are interested in the topic. Then click the link here to visit your website.

For example: Pinterest, Google Image, and Instagram

4. Video Sharing Websites

Nowadays, video promotion is a new trend of the 21’s century. Most people like to watch videos because it is easy to understand. Therefore, many online advertisers are using videos to promote the business and getting more benefits. Once again business promotion using video is the best way to get easy popularity of the products.

YouTubeVimeo, and Daily Motion are the best video sharing websites. More than 28% of internet users are making videos and publishing on those websites related to their business. The bloggers are also promoting their websites and articles.

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These are also a platform where many bloggers are earning a lot of money. Creating any informative videos, we can publish videos and promote our website with the article.

YouTube is a large video sharing platform in the world. Every business promoters are making free advertisements because it is free for all promoters. Bloggers can create a high-quality backlink which is the best off-page SEO techniques 2018.

5. Best Question and Answer Websites

Already I have explained about questioning and answering. That was forum sites. Especially, Yahoo, Quora, Answer, and ask are the questioning and answering websites on the internet. There are a lot of websites, but I am talking about only four where we can question and answer on a topic.

Keep in mind, when you create a question or answer, you must create a link for your blog post because you are going to give your website link for a backlink.

If you are looking a questioning and answering website, these are the best questioning and answering websites. In these websites, we can question about all topics and answering same as that. Again I want to remind you, don’t forget to create a link with the question or answer. It is the latest idea to optimize off-page SEO techniques 2018.

6. Blog Commenting Websites

Especially, it is for the bloggers who are doing the content marketing. Bloggers need to get the popularity of the article, which is publishing on the blog. Simple, commenting on the high-quality website creating a link of the post.

If we do that, we can get a backlink when author approves the comment. It is not easy to get approved. It depends on the quality of that comment. High-quality comment always makes high-quality backlinks that’s true.

If you create a catchy comment on the post, that makes a quality backlink, when the visitors click on the link and visit your website. In this way, we can optimize our blog post using off-page SEO techniques 2018.

7. Best Free Search Engine Submission

To create a website is easy, but it is so hard to get popularity on the internet. Therefore, after creating any website, it is the most important to submit URL to search engines. That means you have to inform about your website and your posts to all search engines if you want to optimize on search engines.

The search engine is a program which crawls and index on the index server. When people search on a topic, index server shows a result to the people. Therefore, the URL submission to webmaster tools is the most important to optimize the website on the search engines.

There are many search engines on the internet. In this article, I am going to share about only three webmaster tools which are Google, Bing Webmaster, and Yahoo Webmaster.

Among them, the number one webmaster tool is Google webmaster. Google webmaster is a product of Google which is the most famous tool. All the contents of the website need to submit URL to Google webmaster tools. After then it can crawl and index all the data of the website to its index server. It is the No.1 way off-page SEO techniques 2018.

8. Top Social Bookmarking Sites For SEO

What is the social bookmarking? Do you ever use it to create high-quality do follow backlinks? Never forget to create the backlinks from social bookmarking sites for SEO. It is the best off-page SEO techniques 2018 to optimize the web pages on the search engines.

There are many social bookmarking websites on the internet. Although, here is a list of some popular social bookmarking websites below. You can check that and start to create the backlinks to your website.

  1. Digg
  2. Diggo
  3. StumbleUpon
  4. Delicious
  5. Tumblr
  6. Akonter

9. Guest Posting Websites

Guest Posting is another way to optimize off-page SEO techniques 2018. It means writing an article and publishing to someone’s website. There are many types of service online where provided free. Some website provides the guest posting service after paying.

You can search on Google as a guesting posting service. You will get free service also. If you can able to publish free guest posting to someone’s websites, that is the best way. Otherwise, you can request to publish an article on someone’s website.

As my experience, you can buy a guest posting service from FIVERR. You will get a quality backlink from that service.

In the article, you can also share information about the website’s name and author so that visitors can get the information about your website. You can also provide the links of the website inside the article. It gives you a quality backlink along with the promotion.

  1. A smart planet , 2. Lainformation, 3. Liveunchained 4. Sitepronews, and  5. Bbox

10. Directory Submission Websites

Directory submission is a natural off-page SEO techniques 2018. It is a service where you can submit a link of your website. There are many types of directory service such as free submission, free submission with a reciprocal link, and featured a link.

Free submission is free. Another service is also free submission with a reciprocal link. That means you also need to add a link to your website. The last is a premium service which is called featured link submission.

Do follow backlinks perform more the Website’s value. Therefore, search engines refer to build do follow backlinks. It is the best way to create do follow backlinks to the website.

In Conclusion

Finally, off-page SEO techniques 2018 is the most valuable to optimize web pages and website. Therefore, I hope you will implement the SEO strategy after reading this post.
Thank you for visiting the post.

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