Macbook Air VS Macbook Pro Specs Comparison 2018

MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro comparing with its specifications. Recently, Apple launched a Brand New MacBook Air in the market. The MacBook Air 13 inch is 50 percent thinner than old one and updated keyboard. It’s the first competitive modern machine of this year in the world. There are a lot of features difference between macbook air and pro. According to the users, Apple MacBook air reviews are extremely positive. MacBook air 13 inch price in india is not decleared yet.

MacBook Air VS MacBook Pro

New MacBook Air VS Macbook Pro Specifications Comparison

MacBook air 13 inch specs: New MacBook Air is 13.3 inches with a Retina-display feature with over 4 million pixels of resolutions. In the new MacBook air, 50 percent of more color than the previous one. The pictures and texts are more sharp and stunning than ever. It’s features are the latest generation processors and graphics with Touch ID. It features an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics and faster 2133 MHz system memory upto16GB. It’s in four different storage 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1.5TB. This redesigned MacBook Air is even more portable design along with its all-day battery life feature. The redesigned new MacBook air comes in three beautiful colors- gold, space grey, and silver.

Additionally, the new MacBook Air also features with the third generation Apple-designed keyboard. It has Force Touch Trackpad, faster SSDs, the Apple T2 security chip with Thunderbolt 3 ports and incredible audio. This makes the new MacBook Air the ideal notebook to carry with you wherever you go and the new generations are surely going to love it.

Furthermore, the new MacBook Air introduces a built-in FaceTime HD camera with video chat with people in HD. Also, it includes a combination of three microphone array for better sound quality while making calls and enhanced voice recognition in Siri.

Pricing and Availability : The new MacBook Air is now available on to order starting at the price of $1,199. The new MacBook Air is announced to be available on Apple retail stores and through Apple Authorized Resellers starting Wednesday, November 7.

Macbook Pro Specifications :

MacBook Pro

  • The price 1,299 USD and specifications 2.3 GHz Dual Core i5 Processor. 8GB RAM, Storage 128SSD and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, two thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports with no TouchBar.
  • The 2.3 GHz Dual Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256 GB SSD Storage and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640. It has two thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports and no TouchBar, the price is 1,499 USD in the market.
  • USD 1,799 for 2.3 GHz Quad Core i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 256  SSD Storage with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655. It has also four Thunderbolt 3-USB-C ports and TouchBar.
  • The Quad Core i5 Processor 2.3 GHz, 8GB RAM, 512 GB SSD storage and Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655. It has also four thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports with TouchBar, the price is 1,999 USD in the market.

Featuring Touch ID and Apple T2 Security Chip

Now, the newly designed MacBook Air adds a Touch ID right into the keyboard to unlock it quickly. It’s also, make purchases in Apple Pay simple, fast and more secured by authenticating your identity. Touch ID, Apple T2 security chip has been added which includes SSD controller to make your laptop more secure. The T2 security Chip also includes an always-on-processor that enables Hey-Siri which allows you to talk to Siri with simply your voice for finding files and opening apps.

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Latest Generation Keyboard and Industry’s Best Trackpad

The redesigned MacBook Air now has the latest third generation keyboard which is 20 percent larger than the previous one making the trackpad experience better. It additionally features each of the key individually backlit using low LEDs. Moreover, it has the industry’s best Force Touch Trackpad which provides pressure-sensing capabilities and haptic feedback.

Fuller, More Immersive Audio Experience

With the new advanced speaker technology of MacBook Air, one can enjoy a higher and better sound quality and wide stereo playback experience while listening to songs and watching movies. The speakers in new MacBook Air is 25 percent louder with two times more bass than the previous one which makes the audio experience incredible.
Performance to Power Your Daily Activities.

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The newly introduced MacBook Air features an 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, Intel UHD Graphics and faster 2133 MHz system memory upto16GB which makes it an ideal notebook for daily performance such as browsing the internet, editing pictures, making presentations and watching videos. The new MacBook Air also includes a 1.5TB capacity SSDs which is 60 percent faster than the previous one. This makes the launching of apps and accessing of files faster and smoother.

Thunderbolt 3, the Most Versatile Port Ever

Now, Apple introduces the most versatile two Thunderbolt 3 ports in the new MacBook Air. With this, you can charge your notebook, transfer data quickly via USB and Thunderbolt, create videos in three formats and connect to a whole host of devices including external storage. Moreover, it enables docks for additional ports, 4K and 5K displays, and eGPUs for faster graphics.

It’s More Portable with all-day battery life feature

The new MacBook Air is more compact and portable than the previous generation with its distinct wedge-shaped lighter aluminum design. The new one is 10 percent thinner taking up 17 percent less volume and at just 2.75 pounds lighter than the previous one.
Like the previous generation, the new MacBook Air is promising to provide all-day battery life that is up to 12 hours of battery life during wireless web use and up to 13 hours of iTunes movie playback.

Radeon Pro Vega Graphics on MacBook Pro Next Month

For the first time ever, Apple has introduced new MacBook Pro graphics options that will bring powerful Radeon Pro Vega graphics to MacBook. With this new graphics feature, one can experience 60 percent faster graphics performance which will make video editing, 3D effects etc. more convenient.

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MacOS Mojave

The new MacBook Air comes with MacOS Mojave which is the world’s latest desktop operating system, which Apple sums as the new features inspired by Pros but designed but designed for everyone. Dark theme is a new feature added which gives your desktop a dramatic look which attracts one the user content. Additionally, the new Stacks feature is what organizes your desktops automatically.
Moreover, you can now access familiar ios apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home from your MacBook. Also, the Mac App store has been redesigned with the addition of apps from top developers, including Microsoft and Adobe.

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