Local SEO Ranking Factors 2018 / 2019 Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a local business and do you want to sell your products or services in your area?  Ok, you are the right place now. “Local SEO ranking factors 2018” is the best local SEO guide for local search engine ranking if you are going to promote your business in your local area. It is the google ranking tool that you have to make the exact location physical office in your business.

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What is Local SEO Ranking Factors 2018 / 2019?

If you are doing any kind of local business, like SEO services, you have to optimize your location of the office so that people can find out the location of the office in your local area. It is a great way to bring the people to your office.

You have to make sure that your office is located as your website address in the same geographically. That’s why it is the most important to know “Local SEO ranking factors 2018”. It is local SEO guide for optimization location of your office in your local area.

local seo ranking factors 2018

If you have a real physical office, it is easy to optimize your location in a region or city. The content is your main google ranking tool for optimization. It is the simple to write an article about that area. It is only possible to rank your location of the office optimizing content.

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Sign up & Verify Your Business to Google My Business

First of all, you need to sign up to Google My Business. After that, you must verify your business. There is no way to rank in Google without a proper Google My Business listing. You need to add all your locations.

You can share some photos. It is the best way to allow customers to review as well. If you got positive reviews from satisfied customers, it helps to make popular your business in your local market.

When people leave positive reviews to your business, it also helps to attract to other people. In getting reviews time, you need to respond to reviewers. If you do that, Google knows you as a friend, not a salesman.

Add Name, Address, and Phone number to Your Website Same as Your Google My Business Listing

No problem if you are doing multiple businesses in multiple locations, you need to confirm your main NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) on your website with Google My Business Listing NAP. It is the best way to connect with Go google ranking tool two or more. You have to add the main address and mention on every page. Then, create a list of the addresses of all the other locations in a page as branch wise.

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How to Create a Facebook Listing and Reviews?

Firstly, you need to create a Facebook page as a company branding for a local business to Facebook here. People find out a lot on Facebook, so you must confirm your listing on Facebook is correct.

Facebook has also an option to get reviews. It is the Guide to Facebook Business Page Reviews. This is a local review guide for Facebook Page.

City and State in the Title

To get a local ranking, you need to add city and state in the title. It helps to rank up your keyword as well. When you add your city and state in the title, people can know in your location of your business easily. Please keep in mind that it affects when you add your business details Google My Business.

What are the local SEO ranking factors 2018 / 2019?

To get google ranking in your area is also more competitive now because many local businesses need to optimize their business in their local area. Google has also decreased the number of local results from seven listings to three listings. It can display only three listings in the Google “local pack”.

Local SEO ranking factors 2018 have also drastically changed, it is making more difficult to get rank in local search keywords. If you are doing local businesses, you have to understand what kind of changing in local SEO ranking factors 2018.

There are some factors that you can start to rank higher in your local area. Firstly, it is the most important to study one by one. It is a local search ranking factors.

1. How to Link to Related Local Business Listing Sites?

Local business directories can help to get rank on local search result pages. Therefore, you need to submit your website to local business directories. There are man ways to exchange link with related businesses. If you are working same products supply or selling related products, feel free to exchange links each other. Make sure that businesses are the exact match with your business or not because to exchange links with any businesses, these links are also low quality. Unrelated links are not value for your business.

2. Increase Local Business Influencers on Social Media

Most people are on social media. They want to talk about businesses on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All these social media platforms are the sensors which are the way to send Google search engine.  If a lot of people talk about your website and link to your website, you have to be relevant. You need to monitor all that mentions and engages. It depends on positive or negative vibes to take rank your local business.

First of all, you need to make sure that your Google my business profile is right or wrong. Confirm that schema.org details on your website are right? Once again you need to check properly and check your all links to your website. If you are sure all are right, you need to do proper keyword research. It is simple, write the right content for your website and publish the content regularly.

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3. One more thing: Google also uses prominence as a local ranking factor

When you optimize your content focusing local search result, Google starts to receive data from your website. Despite all your efforts to improve your local location, it may be in the first position. They really like Google when making decisions from a well-known company or company. You just want to move your game forward, have a bigger job and know what Google knows about it. As a result, Google can rank in the local rankings.

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