iPhone 5G Network Release Date in 2020

Apple company is planning to launch iPhone 5G Network support in 2020. We have not yet 5G network support with any smartphone in the market, but many mobile makers are trying to get a 5G compatible phones on upcoming android version.

iPhone 5G network

Apple will launch iPhone 5G Network after 2 years later

According to Apple company, the company will launch its iPhone 5G network after two years. Apple iPhone 5G network release date is 2020. Apple is working on wireless carries for 5G connectivity. The Apple promises that it will be the next generation cellular which is faster download speeds. The hardware manufactures almost are going to complete with faster networks.

According to the report, the company will use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip. But there are some technical issues so that the issues will be resolved first. Apple is also reporting with MediaTek to provide the chips as a “plan B”.

Now it is working in Intel’s 5G 8161 modem chip, which called 8060 also. It will use first to test into iPhone 5G network. Those chips are using to improve network speeds a 10-nanometer process. If chips passed as a plan, Intel will sell the modem chips to Apple.

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Apple ignored 5G Smartphones release in 2018 and 2019

Apple’s big product release day is Wednesday. The analysts expect with the Apple to launch the new edition iPhone. Apple will not launch iPhone 5G network in 2018 and 2019. It will take extra time to extend 3G and 4G chipsets in iPhones. According to Mr. Chris Smith at BGR, When iPhone 4G LTE came out, we already know what Apple did. Apple waited for carriers before releasing the 4G iPhone, iPhone 5 took a year to launch after the first Android based 4G LTE.

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Some Reasons Found in Intel’s 5G 8161 modem chip

Why is Apple ignoring to launch iPhone 5G network? There are many reasons for Apple. Although, a major reason is that Apple is growing markets in China. According to the report, the 5G 8060 modem chip is not able to consume data. The chips have a problem which is not able to get deal with the heat. If the problem will not shotout, the chip will be worthless.

iPhone 5G network

Additionally, the added heat will also affect the battery life. However, Apple is not worried about the reason. The manufacturer is trying to improve it. We can expect a number of new iPhone 5G network preview at the Mobile World Congress coming February 2019. It is comform we will see a lot of new models from smartphone such as Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and many more. But Apple will release 5G iPhone after the two years.

When it does finally come around though, you can expect to see gigabit speeds (even in the double digits), as well as lower latency and higher bandwidth.

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