How Search Engine Works Step By Step Process

In this tutorial, I am explaining how search engine works step by step for your website and the working of search engine with diagram. The tutorial will teach you how to do search engine optimization with search engine optimization techniques.

How search engine works

How Search Engine Works For Your Website?

You have to know how search engine works for your post. There are many search engines on the internet, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. Whose search engine system is the most powerful to optimize your content? In this case, comparatively Google search engine is the most popular than any other search engines. There are a total of 40% of internet users worldwide. Among that Google is covering at approximately 86% of people. The topic of How Search Engine Works is written by focusing Google only. By reading this article, you will surely know how search engine works.

How search engine works

The Major Points How Search Engine Works:

  1. Search Engine is a software program that Crawler, Spider and Bot are components.
  2. Crawler, Spider and Bot are functions its designed under the program.
  3. The bot is also called Robot or Search Engine in another language, which is a software program.
  4. The Robot and spider are Crawling Process.
  5. The robot, Bot, orSpider advance together with the search engine’s Crawling Process.

Perhaps you may be confused when you are reading the five points given above. Please try to understand that the responsibility of crawling a website is from software like Robot, Bot, Spider. The process completed by which it is known as Crawling Process Or in short, it is also called Crawling. “Crawler” is the most integral part of the search engine, without which it is not possible for the search engine to collect and compile information about any website or file present on the internet.

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What is the Search Engine Optimization Techniques?

Search engine optimization techniques mean that is an automated computer program. It works in conjunction with other software programs such as a robot, Bot, Spider through the entire search engine implementing. The task of the Crawler is to scan all the websites, files, documents, videos etc.that are already present or available on the World Wide Web. In the language of the search engine, Crawler is required to crawl the Documents scanning process. Read More

The Crawler Program reads all the websites/documents of the World Wide Web one by one, examines them and then goes their copy of the copy to the search engine’s Index Server. Remember it always.

Keep the crawler does not store all the websites or files present on the World Wide Web. WorldWide Web, or even the Internet, the Crawler reads most of the data on it in a few seconds and copies the data based on the quality of that data and keeps compiling it in the search engine’s index server. The process of crawling the World Wide Web keeps running continuously. As a result, all the websites or files compiled in search engines are updated from time to time so that the user can get accurate and up-to-date information.

How Robot Works and Index Search Google to Our Web Data?

At first, to start the crawling process, Robots takes some websites, then jumps to other links on those websites. Secondly, it collects millions of website’s data and makes a copy through the crawler. The ROBOTs always uses an algorithmic process to crawl the website’s data. It is a computer program which detects all data from the websites. It is also an intelligence machine. Alos ReadTop 10 Clever Google Search Tricks

Upon this, we have known how Robot, Bot or Spider complete the search engine’s crawling process. During the crawling process, the copies of all the websites gathered and saved by the search engine on the Index Server.

We can learn this on one side, the search engine BOT scans the data on the World Wide Web, on the other hand. It creates a copy of that data and sends it back to the Index Server to secure it. The process of having a data index is never closed. In addition to fetching new data, the task of re-indexing or refreshing the already existing data on the server continues.

What is Google Search Engine Ranking?

We know that the Google search engine ranking means when we search any keyword on search engines, we will find all the information about the keyword. That means the search engine can show the most appropriate answer to the question. In this way, our keywords also can show.

The search engine will show it on the main page if the information is appropriate. Google keeps the response shown on its main page in the growing order, which means the first answer, then the second answer, then the third answer, and finally the tenth answer. We give the name of search engine ranking in the increasing order. A case study about How to get to number 1 on Google?

Order System For Search Result Page

The search query and the website coming out on the search page called Ranking are respectively1, 2, 3.

Result pages of search engines are also in incremental order like – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and finally, it can go up to 40, 50 or even more than 100. We can see that data crawled by search bots in the index server. When we type a question in the search box, the search bots answer us on our topic on the first page by selecting better copies from the document copies already saved in the search index.

Choosing and displaying better copies means that finding the appropriate answer for the question of search bot in the search index. We can see our answer on the main page of the search engine. You keep in mind that the search is indexing the millions of websites. The result is the same website which is the search bots.

Search Engines : Examples of Information Retrieval Systems

The simplest way is to get the best information about a topic is the search engine. But did we think the search engine to provide so much information from where? How does it give us countless information on our question you asked in less than a second?

In this article, we find that the search engine crawls data present on the world wide web or the new data coming through its software program, which we know as the search bots. Along with the crawling process, search bots keeps copying of that data on the index server, which is also called search index.

When we enter a query related to a topic, the search bots display to us the records of the index server. Because the number of records in search index is very high, search bots follow a few algorithmic processes and start looking for appropriate answers for the search query. It is the examples of Information Retrieval Systems.

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These algorithmic processes are based on the mathematical structures that determine to show the records between those records in the search index. When users enter the match queries, the search bots answer the best records on the page of the search result page. In this way, though the complex process completed by taking less than a second. By the information retrieval system, the websites appear on the page of SERP are addressed by the word Ranking.

Crawling > Indexing > Information Retrieval

Through this article, we have come to know how the search engine works. Three points are important in the search engine’s work, which we call crawling, indexing, and information retrieval, respectively. Keep in mind that ranking is a separate process whose standards are different and it is mandatory to have search engine optimization in place. The guidelines for the search engine optimization has given by Google, where you can see into account of webmaster tools so that the website will view on the first page of the search engines.

However, all webmasters do search engine optimization on the basis of their merit, but even after this, the crawler or search bot selects the best website based on their algorithmic process, according to the mathematical structure, and then the sequence on the search engine page Which we receive in the form of the information retrieval after the search query.

In Conclusion

Every webmasters must understand how search engine works without knowledge we could not work any search engine optimization marketing for our websites. Therefore, I hope you will read this article and understand what is the search engine optimization?

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