Hide Photos Android without any App

“Hide Photos Android” without any App? Do you want to hide your personal videos and photos without any apps? If you have any secret videos and photos, you can hide all files on your Android smartphones. There is a private mode android on/off. When you need to show that files, then you can go on f mode. Otherwise, always use off mode to hide files. Nobody can see that without permission.

Hide Photos Android

Samsung has included a ‘secure folder’ on the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+, while in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the app is also available, which you can keep your private data safe by downloading.

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In Android Smartphones you have many apps like Vault, Gallery Lock Lite, AppLock, which allow you to hide your personal data.

How to Hide Photos Android without any App?

Hide Photos Android

  1. Go to the menu of your Android phone and open the file manager.
  2. Make a folder where you want to hide the files in the SD card or internal storage.
  3. Create a new folder from the settings on the top right.
  4. Type a folder name seems like .secrets and click OK.
  5. This file will be hidden as soon as the folder.
  6. Then go back to Settings from File Manager again and search show hide files.
  7. You can on it or off it. If you on it you can see your hidden folder. If you want to hide it, keep it off mode.
  8. Now you can save any kind of secret files.

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Some smart phone makers provide app protection, patterns and fingerprint lock using pre-secure folder, pin in the phone. If this feature is not present in your android phone, you can download the app from the Play Store and lock the gallery. You can check some apps given below.

Some Folder Locker Apps list

  1. Video Locker : Video Locker App is an app that lets you hide video, image, but you can not hide this app from your phone screen if you want to hide it. You will have to pay at least 3 $ Dollar or at least 200 rupees for this to be bought. Because it is in the Pro version.
  2. The Gallery Vault : Gallery Vault App is an app about which you are going to tell you as it happens in App Free Version. And you can hide this app from your mobile screen too. And if you want to adopt more of this facility then you will have to pay at least $ 7 a Dollar or less than 500 rupees. Let’s learn how to hide videos, images with the help of Gallery Vault on our Android phone.

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Finally, you can Hide Photos Android any third-party apps.

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