Top 10 Google Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

Google Free SEO Tools are the most important who is doing SEO marketing clients base or content marketing. There are many SEO Free Tools which are also very useful for Search engine optimization. But I will explain only the top 10 Google Free SEO Tools in this article.

google free seo tools

Top 10 Google Free SEO Tools For Bloggers

Are you going to do SEO marketing in the future or present? If you want to get results on Google search engines. It is the Top 10 best Google Free SEO Tools. Don’t think to promote your business without these tools because to get rank on search engines, you must optimize your content to search engines especially Google.

There are also many other search engines, but Google search engine is very popular to get traffic to your website. Therefore, Read this article and start your SEO marketing today. For more information visit it.

1. Google Keyword Planner Tools

Google Keyword Planner Tools is very popular on the internet. Before planning to write an article, it is the most important to research keywords what about you are going to create a post.
It helps you to find what kind of keywords are searching mostly.

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There are a lot of Google keyword planner tools, but most people trust it because it gives the accurate results about keywords and its search volume. It detects automatically suggested bid also. So, we can also focus easily which keywords are the best for us.

With the help of this tools, we can get the historical data of that keywords. We also can know How is the popularity of the keywords? From this information, we can make a campaign focusing the competitors. To research keywords sign up now to Google keyword planner tools.

2. Google Search Console Webmaster Tools

Most people are working their SEO marketing using Google Search console Webmaster Tools because it is the best tools to submit URL. After creating a website, it is the most important to submit URL to Google console. If you do this, Google can know about your website what information you have published on your website.

In this way, your keyword related all contents index to Google index server. When people search for any keyword, Google will show your content if that is relevant. We can see a list of keywords in the Google Webmaster tools of account. That means is all information of your keywords of the contents how performing?

Therefore, I recommend you to use this tools to perform the focusing keywords of the contents. Without this tools, there is no chance to think to do good SEO on your website. To sign up to Google webmaster tools.

3. Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Tools is used to get all the information about the traffic to your website. It is simple but the most important to know information about your visitors to the website. There are other free web analytics tools, but it gives accurate data of the website or blog tracking visitors.

It helps to detect all statics data of the website and gives you all information about the website. We can know all the location of the visitors and who are visiting the most keywords. Not only this, we can also know its referring visitors and ip address. It also gives us the spend time of visitors which is called bounce rate.

To know all the information about the website, we can login to Google analytics and add google analytics tracking code to the website. After then we can start to get information about the traffics of the website.

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4. Google Trends Tools

Google Trends Tools is a tool that helps us to show changes in the form of a graph in business over time. It also tells about the most searchable topics related to people region wise. It gives us important data about topics in Google stories.

If you want to choose a trending topic, it is a useful Google Free SEO tools to optimize the content to the website. Using this tools we can create an informatic content which is most searchable on the Google search engines. There are trending topic as location wise and timing wise. That means we can easily target country wise our blog post.

There are many such features available on Google Trends Tools that can give the advantage of search engine optimization industry. We can make the necessary changes to our business. In addition, many things like keywords research, geo-targeting, newsjacking, and content creating.

5. Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys plays an important in the growth of a market research business. It is a Google Consumer Surveys tools which are used to survey a market that helps you create online surveys in any business purpose.

The result of a survey conducted by the market research tools and it can help to decide a business. Google Consumer Survey Tools offers a free option for website synthesis. We can create a question for the survey using Google consumer survey tools. Now start to research a business using link.

6. Google Page Speed checker

According to the Google algorithm, to index, Google measures the website page loading speed. Therefore, Google has announced a Google Page Speed Checker tools where we can check our website’s loading time. It analyzes about the website page loading time in percentage.

If the website is so slow loading time, it will be a reason that the website not indexed to Google search engine. Therefore, we need to check the page loading time of the website. If we get a suggestion list to increase the page loading time, we can minify all files of the website according to the report.

7. Google AMP Checker

From 2015 March 9, Google announced a tool which is Google AMP checker focusing the mobile visitors. Now Google is giving it more priority because they know nowadays mostly visitors from mobile devices. Therefore, if our website is not mobile friendly, Google will ignore that type of content and website. It means we must create a mobile-friendly website to optimize mobile devices.

Now all webmasters are redesigning a mobile version their existing websites again who have only desktop version. Without mobile-friendly design cannot perform on the search engines. If you have no mobile-friendly website, check first your website using this tool>google amp checker.

8. Google Maps Local SEO

If you are doing a local business, the Google Maps local SEO is useful for you. It will help to locate your business in your area. Make sure that your office is also there in real life which you are targeting in the same geographical.

9. YouTube Keyword Tool Free

Initially, YouTube was not a product of Google. Google offered a price to YouTube and bought it. Here also you get the benefit of Adsense so that you can monetize your YouTube channel and earn money from your videos.

Today YouTube is the second most popular Search Engine in the world, but on YouTube, you only get content in Video format. Today anyone can create a channel on YouTube for free, share your videos with YouTube on the world.

If you are using a YouTube Channel, that’s great to promote the website for the branding. Do you know branding also get more traffics to your website? When people know about your website name, they can easily to find on the search engines by typing search box with your website name. Therefore, it is the most important to create a YouTube channel related to your Website.

10. Google Plus Business Page

Google Plus business page is being now the most important for the Search engine optimization market. It is a Google’s Social Media. There are very few bloggers who use Google Plus. All webmasters want to share posts on Google Plus.

Do you want to increase your blog’s Organic Traffic? Do you know the website’s Search Ranking to improve from Google Plus business Page? Do you need to take a positive result for your website’s page ranking?. If you want all these results, Google Plus is a great platform to increase branding website.

In Conclusion

Finally, In this topic, I am trying to explain about Google Free SEO Tools. I hope you read this post one by one and understand about them. In the next publish, I will give a special content about the SEO marketing. So, I want to say you keep in touch with me.
Thank you!

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