Google Algorithm Update 9 Major Updates For 2018

Google Algorithm Update 2018 is new google algorithm updates . Its Algorithm means, Panda update, Penguin Update, Mobilegeddon update, Exact Match Domain update, FRED update, HummingBird update, RankBrain update, Possum update, Pirate update are all updated by google 2018.

Google changes its Algorithm up to date. Therefore, now google upadated again in September 2018. If you are a blogger, you must know about Google Algorithm because without knowledge of algorithm you can not do anything with google search engine. Learn about all algorithms here which are listing the following.

In this way Google Search, along with YouTube, the other site that gives you specific results, works on all algorithms, and gives you instant access to your work data in a lot of data available on the internet. Algorithm understood

What is the Google Algorithm Update?

Google Algorithm Update is an algorithm which makes Google do some changes in its core algorithm. These updates mostly make Google search even easier for the user.

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Google Core Algorithm Update August 2018 is also a normal update like the rest of the algorithm update. The only difference is that after this update some blog or website traffic has dropped down more than 50%.

After this new Google algorithm updates, it has been clarified that Content is king more powerful than backlinks. You have to focus on your content quality. In our previous article, you had explained to us how to bring your website to the top of the google search engine. What is the importance of content quality and backlink?

This time Google has not done much more detail about this new algorithm. Because Google has to take great care of its security and privacy, so long as Google does not fully publish this Algorithm, it is a bit hesitant to tell anything about it. But do not worry, we have also done a case study about it. Let’s know how we can save our website from its negative effects.

Google Algorithm Update

This new core algorithm update of Google was deployed only at the beginning of the month and now it’s completely rolling out. Now we can talk about what Google has done in this update and what is the solution.

First of all let me tell you that this is the third algorithm update of this year. Danny Sullivan, a Google company affiliate, has confirmed this update from his Twitter account.

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Google Panda Update 2018

Google Panda Algorithm is an algorithm to detect duplicate contents. Its released on 2011, February. Google Panda Basically Works Content Keeping quality. If you post low quality articles and images it will be discovered and penalize your website. If your contents are poor quality, recorrect that right now before penalized. Otherwise, your website rank will be down. Therefore, your contents must be high quality and 100% copyscape passed. If you do this,  google will be rank your website.

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Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin update works to detect spamming its search results. Its released on 24 april, 2012. If you think to buy backlinks for your website, it will be harmful in search results. Low Quality Links and Over Optimization is illegal activities as a google penguin. So, its suggestion to create high quality manual backlinks. If you have created high quality backlinks only, your website will be rank up.<see in wekipedia>

Google Mobilegeddon Update

Google Mobilegeddon Algorithm is a mobile friendly algorithm. If your website is not mobile compatible, its reason to rank down. Its released on april 21, 2015. Therefore, your website must be mobile friendly.<click here for details>

Google Exact Match Domain (EMD)

Exact Match Domain algorithm, its launched in September 2012 to detect poor quality websites, but its ranking simply. It means if your domain name is an exact match in search terms. In that case, google discovers your website and rank down because it is anti with google search terms policy. Therefore, you have to know what is EMD (Exact match Domain). <visit this site for detail>

Google FRED

Google FRED is an algorithm now its updated in 2018. When you link to your website overload ads, google FRED detects your website and ranking down. It means you can not focus only on ads. You have to insert google ads on your every single page only 2-3 ads with low value content. <read this for details>

Google HummingBird update

HummingBird is Google’s algorithm which is using to detect accuracy of quality results in keywords. Its announced on September 26, 2013. Now its Google HummingBird Update in 2018. But it does not impose Penalty like Panda and Penguin but it is very important to know what is Humming Bird Update? <Click here>

Possum Algorithm Update

Since 2014, Possum is working as a google algorithm. Its now update again in 2018. When you search any keyword related to your location, Google Possum Algorithm works to find out the keyword of your location. According to this update, submit your website to Google Map or submit your website in Business Listing within your location. It will allow to show your business’s nearby Audience to contact you and come to your address. Traffic will increase and Rank will grow up on Google. <visit related post>

RankBrain Google’s Algorithm Update

RankBrain is really interesting google algorithm released on 26 October, 2015. It works as an artificial intelligence. When it detects any famous name query in search results, it gives that results to the audience. For example, if you search who is Barak Obama, it will search whole sites who wrote about Barak Obama and will give you its exact results. Because RankBrain is an artificial intelligence. <visit for details>

Pirate Algorithm Update from Google

Pirate is an algorithm to prevent copyright websites. Its introduced in August 2012. If you include copy and paste content from other websites, in that case, google will prevent pirate content. when any owner claims that copy paste content, you will penalize and your website will be rank down. Its call DMCA also. <also read for details>

Finally, do not give up if you can do some hard work to get acheived more traffics on your website. I hope, you will understand about Google Algorithm Update 2018.

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