Free Directory Submission List 2018 – Choosing The Right Strategy

If you are looking some free directory submission websites, here I am providing to you Free Directory Submission List 2018 and explaining that how to submit your website to directory submission? This is 100% dofollow backlinks list 2018 where you can create free high-quality backlinks to your website.

free directory submission list 2018

Why to Submit Free Directory Submission List 2018

When we talk about the internet, we know that there are so many things on the Internet through which we can improve the ranking of our website. You will get many options to blog directory submission websites such as category, post title, keywords, and URL. You can submit all information of your blog post. After approved from directory submission websites you will get rank on search engines.

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Types of Free Directory Submission List 2018

Basically, Three Types of Directory Submission:-

1. Feauted Link : You need to pay to submit URL for feature link. When you select feature link an option, you need to pay directory submission.

2. Regular Link : When you select this option with reciprocal link, you have to include a code on your website. In this condition, you will get quickly approved to your website within 4-7 days.

3. Free Link : If you need to create a genuine a backlink to your website, you need to select for free. It will take 4-6 months to approve, but it is natural backlink as Google.

How to Submit Website on Free Directory Submission List 2018

If you are going to submit URLs to free directory submission websites, you find on Google by search free directory submission list 2018 and submit your all blog posts as rules of following. visit this site for free list 2018

  • Site or Blog Title
  • Website or Post URL
  • Description 500-1000 Words
  • Name (Owner)
  • Email Id
  • Meta Description (250-500 Words)
  • Meta Keywords

Website URL:

There is a slight issue for URL on Directory Sites because some Blog Directory Sites exclude https: // or HTTP: // and do nothing else, so you have to Save these two types of URLs so that there is no problem with Directory Submission.

For example, The URL of our blog is or Similarly, you also save your blog URL separately.

Blog or Post Title:-

Blog Title means it is a site title which you will create in a domain.
Imagine that the name of the blog is Adsense on Blog. That means it is a blog title name. You can include this name in the title area.
But I want to recommend you that you must create a link of the blog post because you are going to rank your post.

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Description 500-1000 Words:-

Description means it is a description of your blog or blog post.
Mostly directory submission websites need to include 1000 Words. But some directory submission websites need only 500 words. So you can write between 500-1000 words.

You can also write a short description because some directory submission websites require only 250 Words.

Email ID and Owner Name:-

When you are going to submit your blog post to a directory submission website, it will ask you about your email id and owner name. In that case, you need to give your name and Gmail. It is a requirement only Gmail because it is accessible all over the world.

Meta Keywords:-

When you publish a blog post to your website, you will include keywords within a blog post that you need to submit all keywords to directory submission website.

The above things we have said above all of you have a Word Pad, Notepad or M.S. Write on Word and in the last article of the article, you have provided Links of many Blog Directory Sites. You can submit your website by visiting them.

If you want to watch a video about this topic, I have included in the post.

Ranking Benefits of Directory Submission:-

Directory submission is the most important to improve your post ranking. When you submit your blog to directory submission websites, you will get approve from the website owner which are related to your topic. The search engine will recognize your website is a trusted website and start to improve ranking on the search engines.

Quality Backlinks

Almost all Blog Directory Submission websites are providing Do Follow Backlinks.

Keyword Improvement:- you can include meta keywords of your post if there is available an option of meta keywords. When you submit your blog to those sites, your keywords are also submitted with them. It also adds those keywords to your link. You get the Keyword Improvement of your website.

DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority):- When we link our website to different sites, our website’s Domain Authority also gets improved, due to which the Authority of your pages is also Improve on Search Engines.

25 Blog Directory Submission Sites List


Finally, Blog Directory Submission is a way to improve your domain ranking and search engine improvement. So please submit your all blog posts to directory submission websites.

Thank you for visiting this post. I hope you will learn a lot about directory submission if you read properly in this topic Free Dicretory Submission List 2018 – Choosing The Right Strategy.

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