Facebook Virtual Reality 3D Video Chat With Friends

Facebook has just launched Facebook Virtual Reality such as Facebook spaces, Facebook VR app, Facebook virtual reality headset, Facebook spaces gear VR, Oculus VR, and Facebook spaces VR.

facebook virtual reality spaces

Inside the Facebook virtual reality lab building 3D video chat

Facebook announces that Virtual Reality 3D video chat with each other is the future of communication platform. It creates reacts to the lives of real people. When it is using, it needs a large amount of data collection. It handles every personal information because Facebook is facing a great problem for scams.

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According to CBS news, DeMarco Morgan has got in a special project in the social media giant’s new project.
It creates an avatar that will look like you and moves and sounds. VR is captured your face by 180 cameras and 500 lights from different angles. It makes all sorts of silly faces.

Facebook wants to know about you, actually how you look from every angle. According to Yaser Sheikh, it will create an avatar during the Facebook reality lab in Pittsburgh. Because it might move and look at you from different angles. It will capture your face as real as you.

It is a new revolution in a video conference. This is a way to spend time with a friend who no sees a long time. Sheikh added”, you can meet at the Eiffel Tower suddenly there.

What is Facebook Spaces For Facebook Virtual Reality?

Facebook Space is a Virtual Reality Company (VR) application of social media. It allows users to talk with each other in a virtual reality. If you are in the same room, Facebook Spaces will use a personal 3D avatar for friend interaction.

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Facebook Spaces prepares VR rooms where people can come together. You can share Facebook content with each other using a VR headset and controller. People love to talk with their friends near a virtual coffee table because physical reality will be on the table.

Facebook spaces use 3D cartoonish characters with a similarity to the user. In this time, avatars will generate manually user-tagged photos to make easy for user interaction with each other. Space also makes room for strolling linked VR users togetherly, voice chat, media sharing, and VR video tours.

Facebook VR app

Only little people are using virtual reality. Even though The chief of Facebook and Social VR chief is connecting a lot about adding people who are watching it. They have plans that are the most important to help in catching VRs with consumers.

One year ago Franklin supervised the rollout of Facebook Space. The first attempt to show the outside of the world to the social network that you can walk with friends in the virtual world.

It includes such incarnations that you can customize based on your Facebook picture, and some activities, such as doodling in 3-D with a huge marker. You can share with a friend if you find it Can manage. It has the oculus rift or the HTC Vive VR headset to interact in spaces.

According to a demo of Rachel Franklin and Mark Zuckerberg in 2017, it shows a proof during the depiction of the pictures displayed during the Facebook Space Storm in 2017, Puerto Rico.

In an annual developer conference day of Facebook on Tuesday in California, Franklin said what he and his team are doing since then. They showed the ability to take 3-D objects are posted in your news feed to space. That demo of an app uses photos and videos to create 3-D interaction that you Can meet with heads.

On the occasion of the conference, Franklin talked about how important Facebook programs have learned when they will start VR in coming May.

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Facebook Virtual Reality Headset

In San Jose, California, September 26, 2018, at the Fifth Oculus Connect Developer Conference, Facebook announced a new VR headset for the next year. Oculus Quest to ship $ 399 and ship in spring 2019. It is the first all-in-one VR system of Oculus. It has six degrees of independence.

How many degrees of independence can move a person in a VR world? In this case, it involves leaning on the edges or tilt behind objects. Tracking also allegedly supports 4,000 square feet of space. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Oculus Quest combines a wireless design, virtual hand controllers and complete position tracking, which are “the main features of the ideal VR system”, The Verge Report. Zuckerberg said, “if we can bring these three qualities together in one product, then we think it will be the foundation of the new generation.”

Facebook Spaces Gear VR

Now you can download the Facebook 360 app for Gear VR. There is an app of Oculus on your Gear VR. It compatibles with only Samsung device. You can search Facebook 360 or you can visit the official website of Oculus to get started.

There are more than 25 million 360 photos and more than 1 million 360 videos posted on Facebook. Facebook 360 has great content to search. The app is a one-stop shop to catch the things you’ve missed, 360 photos and videos you saved. Friends and others who are looking for something new to enjoy.

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At launch, the app will have four feeds:

  • Following: The 360 Content and Pages have posted on Facebook by your friends and the experience of posting 360 content from them.
  • Explore: It will discover the popular 360 content which is the most interesting on Facebook. It will collect from popular media companies, organizations, and personal creators.
  • Saved: It will capture all the 360 content that you have saved from the news feed so that you can enjoy more convenient times.
  • Timeline: It will remember your memories in the way of uploading your own 360 photos and videos.

Using the Facebook 360 app, you can respond to 360 photos and videos and share them on Facebook. More social features can come soon.

We will be looking forward to seeing how people use the app to connect with the people. After that, we will continue to improve the experience. Over time it is on more platforms expect to bring.

Facebook Spaces VR

Do you know that your avatar is ready for its closeup? After 3 years Facebook’s acquisition of 3$ billion of Oculus, or one year after, the public will get final its hands on a marriage high-end VR. It is real world streaming video and the social structure of Facebook’s wedding.

One year after launching the first glimpse of his social VR work, Facebook is preparing a beta app for the rift, which is an expression of that union. Available through the Free App – Oculus Store, called Facebook Spaces VR – allows Rift users to hang out together in a personal and private virtual room, collaborate on 3D digital art, and with many forms of Facebook content Talks – Photos, Videos, Text, and Speedy

Last October 2018, Facebook has shown a demonstration of the ability of live-video chat between Virtual Reality and Messenger, on the occasion of the third annual of Oculus Connect Developers Conference. That was a demo on the stage starring by CEO Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and the engineer Mike Booth. Now, the company is allowing the public to test it for the first time.

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