Earn Money Writing Reviews : Do You Really Need It?

There are lots of online earning sources which are free and tricky. Here I am explaining about review submission and how to earn money writing reviews. It is easy just to get paid to review products for free and earn money from it. You can write a review on G2CROWD after approved it will give you a $10 Amazon gift card.

earn money writing reviews

Some Tips With Earn Money Writing Reviews

When a user writes a review about a product, that is a satisfaction review. They will not make any money from that reviews. But I am telling you about how to write a review about an item and earn money writing reviews?

The process of submitting a review of a product. When a user satisfies with a service or product, he will write a text about that service or product. It is called a review. There are many review submission facility available on the internet where we can earn money writing reviews on the websites.

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It is not an SEO prospectus. But it is the most important to make popular our website with review submission. With review submission, we will get the conversion of a review into traffic.

Note: The benefit of Review Submission technique is much more affluent for the Business website as compared to the blog because we can get Sales and Lead from here.

How to Submit a Review and Earn from Review Submission?

When you write a comment to a blog post, there is not sure that your comment is approved or not. If your comment is impressed to the author, it is sure approved otherwise will remove that. Therefore, it is a risk game because it depends on the mode of the website owner.

Similarly, in the website review submission if the review seems to have a slight feeling that you are doing spam. Your review does seem relevant, that will delete from the author. Keep in mind when you visit a website, write a real review and submit with a link. At that time, enter a real name.

earn money writing reviews

The List of Business Review websites:

  1. uk.local.
  2. yahoo.com
  3. citysearch.com
  4. yelp.com
  5. superpages.com
  6. blagger.com
  7. menupages.com
  8. insiderpages.com
  9. vitals.com
  10. judysbook.com
  11. dealerrater.com

The List of Software Review Submission Websites:

  1. SoftwareAdvice: simple and intuitive software selection
  2. G2crowd: software reviews based on a unique grid scoring system
  3. SaaSGenius: Fast and efficient discovery of new SaaS tools
  4. Capterra: Software reviews in more than 300+ categories
  5. FinancesOnline: leading SaaS, B2B, and finance solutions review platform

GetApp: The List of the reliable B2B software review directory:

  1. DiscoverCloud: a SaaS-specific directory with a market analysis tool
  2. IT Central Station: a crowdsourced review site
  3. AppExchange: the popular marketplace of business apps
  4. Oracle Marketing Cloud: large marketing technology ecosystem

These are all the most popular websites where we can submit a review and submit it. Some of these sites where we will have to write a review about business and some websites where we have to write a review about software, services.

How To Earn From Review Submission?

Now we are in the most important point of the review submission. Therefore, you have to know how can you earn money of submitting a review to a website.

There are many websites where only trade in product services and business listings. In such a way, a valuable review is a great value to them to increase their popularity of the website.

Such types of websites offer a variety of a valuable review. You did not even know about it. If you submit a review for any software and it will be approved and earn a $ 10 Starbucks gift card.

1. Write a Review to G2crowd

It is a popular review submission website. If your review approves from the website, you can get a $ 10 Starbucks Gift Card which is an Amazon gift card. After then you can use it for Amazon shopping.

Therefore, you thought why you have not told everyone about it and can not send the money earned by this to the direct bank, but you can use it to shop, go to the world’s most famous coffee shop.

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How To Write a Reveiw and Post on Yahoo Local?

There is an option inside of pages to post a review about yahoo services such as doctors, pre-school, dentists and more. The pages of inside are very useful for parents and homeowners. You can read that and post a review.

1. First of all, you can go to Yahoo and sign in if you have any Yahoo Account. If you have no Yahoo account, create an account to yahoo.

2. Type local.yahoo.com then you will be redirected to local yahoo page.

3. On the top of the page, you can see two boxes where you have to write your name of the business and fill up full addresses which are required information.

4. Now the site will be opened to the business page list which you want to write a review.

5. Here you can select a service or product and write a review by clicking a review button.

6. When you click, you will see a pop‐up box where you can write a review. Here you can do two things that are a rate and write a review.

7. If you want to create the rate for the business, select using hover mouse on the stars at the rating panel of the box.

8. After rating selection, then you can write a review on the box which is seen.

9. Before submitting you have to type captcha and finally click the yellow “post” button for final posting a review which is written by you.
Watch this video for full information

I hope! you will earn money writing reviews on G2crowd. But be careful about the review process will take some time to approve from the author. You must be done and submit a positive review with it.

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