Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal Now Viral

Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal” now viral news on the socail media and Websites. The main stream media and you will have a clue about what exactly is the connection between Cambridge Analytics and Facebook. If you do not know about it, must read about what is Cambridge Analytica? What is Personal Data and How to Stop Stealing? You will get additional information, what does it do? What is Personal data? Why How to Stop Stealing?

cambridge analytica Facebook scandal

Know about What is Cambridge Analytica?

Cambridge Analytica is a company which collects data from social media if they need. They can use it for their own benefits. They are partners with the business and political party. The political party BJP, Congress and JDU have taken the help of this company but have not yet got the proof.

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What is Personal data?

When you create an account on Facebook free and run Facebook for free. Facebook has collected all the data because you are not giving any money to Facebook. What are you giving? So, you know that you are giving the thing to Facebook which has become a company of millions. Its mean, you are giving your data to Facebook, yes, data means you give your all information to Facebook and it starts from here. It is the story of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook Scandal. India and America has affected in the elections if Facebook and Cambridge Anayltica are not provided its data.

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What is Cambridge Analytica Facebook Scandal?

Now it has come to understand that what the company works now its connection with Facebook. Facebook will gave all the Facebook users data to Political Party during the election and with this help influenced the election. It seems to be alleging that even though it has not been properly verified.

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Has Facebook stolen Facebook users data?

Accourding to Mark Zuckerberg, the datas are safe. Though Cambridge Analytica has mistakenly collected Facebook user data. Mark Zuckerberg also apologized that there are no such mistake from Facebook. Facebook has done completely preparation.

Finally, I hope you will understand about the story of “Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal”.

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