Best WordPress Cache Plugin : Simple To Increase 50% Speed Of Website

Responsive web design is also SEO friendly website who need to optimize on search engines. Another thing is fast loading web design. There is a WordPress Cache Plugin for WordPress site which is WP Fastest Cache. Using this plugin, you can improve your website speed with a content delivery network (CDN) of Cloudflare.

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Best WordPress Cache Plugin

WP Fastest Cache is the Best WordPress Cache Plugin

After finalizing a website, you need to check the website loading time. It depends on your designing experience. Because web designing is not easy and optimizing is so hard to index on search engines. Therefore, before starting a website, you have to care about hosting server, web designing, and domain name.

Don’t worry if your website is loading slow. In this article, I am going to explain how to increase website’s speed using WP Fastest Cache? It is the best WordPress cache plugin for the WordPress website. You will get a solution after installing this plugin and settings to delete cache.

How to Set Up WP Fastest Cache?

Already I have explained above about the best WordPress cache plugin. Before starting a website, it is the most important to care about a domain name, hosting server response time, and web designing. Suppose, you create an SEO friendly responsive website, although you need to check website’s speed by using website page speed checker. After that tools will show you some suggestions to improve your website. Now you have to optimize one by one as suggestions.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

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According to my user experience, WP Fastest Cache plugin is the best WordPress cache plugin for the WordPress website. It is easy and fast settings process. You can set up it one by one which is explaining below.

Quick Set up steps:

Log in to WordPress website and click plugins>add new on the left of your dashboard. Search wp fastest cache on the search box and enter your keyword. Now install wp fastest cache plugin that will show to your result page. Another option is to download directly from this link.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Step #1. Select all the options

Now we are using a free plugin, so we have only this access. You need to enable all these options as same like attached screenshot below.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Step #2. Delete Chache

This step is delete cache or delete cache and minified CSS/JS. It is simple to click directly delete cache or delete cache and minified CSS/Js, and delete all cache from your server.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Step #3. How to Set Up Cloudflare CDN?

Many bloggers don’t know how to increase the website’s speed? So, I decided to publish a post about the best WordPress cache plugin. The website’s loading time is a Google ranking factor in 2018. Because Google algorithm mobilegeddon detects automatically the AMP page.

Without AMP pages, you can optimize your web pages on Google search engine. Therefore, you have to go here and set up on your website. Before installing this plugin, you can check your website’s speed from AMP Test.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

Now sign up to CloudFlare and get api key from Cloudflare. Visit this post how to Sign up to Cloudflare and get api key.

Step #4. CDN Settings to WP Fastest Cache Options

Have you ever never used it? What is a CDN? The CDN is a content delivery network. How does a CDN work? Why do you need to use it? It helps to increase your website’s speed.

A content delivery network (CDN) distributes a geographical group of servers. It helps to provide fast delivery of online content. Therefore, your website loads fast on the internet because it transfers quickly all needed data from your hosting server.

Best WordPress Cache Plugin

If you want to use Cloudflare, then visit this tutorial. As giving the above screenshot, you can set up a free Cloudflare API key using WP Fastest Cache WordPress Plugin.

In Conclusion

In this article, I am sharing about the best WordPress cache plugin to your WordPress website. I hope, you will implement to your website and improve your website’s speed using WP Fastest Cache plugin. Thank you for visiting my post!

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